The Get Publishing Webinar Series is part of a new stream of offerings named after the Get Publishing Communications Society (GPCS), which has ceased to exist as of 2016 and gifted its brand to the Writers' Guild of Alberta. The series aims to continue equipping the audience served by Get Publishing in its decade-plus of existence: writers who want to see their work published."

--Cheryl Mahaffy, last president of GPCS

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Upcoming Webinars:

Non-Fiction Book Proposals with Michael Hingston - Oct. 19

Saturday, October 19. 10am
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When it comes to non-fiction, before you write the book, first you write the proposal. But what exactly is a proposal? Really, it’s a genre unto itself—part table of contents, part jacket copy, part marketing report—and it’s one of the most important yet least understood items in the writing world.
In this one-hour workshop, we’ll use real-life examples to show you all of the pieces required to make your proposal sing:
- An overview that presents the entire book in miniature
- A title that frames the book’s tone and intended audience
- A table of contents that shows your research, organization, and overall argument
- A marketing summary that explains who will buy the book, and why
- An author bio that explains why you are the right person to write it

Michael Hingston is an author and publisher in Edmonton, Alberta. He is the author of the books Let’s Go Exploring and The Dilettantes, and his writing has appeared in Wired, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and The Washington Post. He is also the co-publisher of Hingston & Olsen, the outfit responsible for the Short Story Advent Calendar and other literary experiments.

Strategies for Publicizing Your Book with Anne Logan - Nov. 16

Saturday, November 16. 10am
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So you’ve published your book, now what? How do you get the word out? Regardless of whether your book is traditionally published or self-published, the reality is that as the author, you will have an important role in getting it in front of readers. Get advice from a former book publicist, book reviewer and blogger on how to appropriately pitch your work to traditional and online media, as well as other unique (and cost effective) avenues of publicity. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Book blogs: how to research the best sites that are more likely to feature your book so you’re making the most of your print copies, the do’s and don’ts of pitching your book to book bloggers, and whether or not book tours are worth paying for
  • Approaching traditional media: the do’s and don’ts, advice on crafting the best pitch, and what producers are looking for
  • Goodreads: Advice on why this online community is a worthwhile place to spend time reviewing books and publicizing your own work
  • Book clubs: A great source for building readership, but approach with caution, a discussion on whether or not you should ask for payment for attending
  • Literary Festivals: Who to send your book to, the benefits of participating as both an author and attendee, how to best pitch your work
  • For the traditionally published author: what to ask for when talking with your book publicist/publisher regarding your marketing plan, ways you can assist in marketing

About Anne Logan:

A month after graduating from Queen’s University in 2008 with an English Literature degree, she completed a Graduate Certificate in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College, with a speciality in marketing. From there, she became a publicist for small press Cormorant Books in Toronto, then moved to Calgary to become the Artistic Associate and then Programming Manager of Wordfest, Calgary’s literary festival. Once she left Wordfest she started the book blog where she reviews titles from all the major publishers in Canada. She also review books monthly on the CBC Calgary radio drive home show The Homestretch, and occasionally for the CBC Calgary’s television programs News at 6 and 11. Anne hosts Wordfest’s monthly book club We’ve Read This, and interviews authors regularly for their events.   


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