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Conference & AGM

Why Attend a WGA Conference?

We know that a writer needs to reflect, imagine, try things out, listen, go deep, get into flow–be in solitude. But writers also need time and space to meet one another, share experiences and knowledge, meet with an editor to see if they’re on the right track, and to grow professionally. This is what our conference offers. We make every effort to plan relevant professional development sessions, engaging keynote speakers, and time for welcoming and celebrating writers. We’d love to have you as part of our Alberta writing community.


Our 2024 WGA Conference: No Place Like Home

Alberta can oftentimes feel like a land of dichotomies: polarized views on culture, politics, and the economy are just some of the ways in which we differ. But for all of our differences, there is always a resounding sense of community here, especially in the arts sector. This is what makes Alberta so unique, and what brings us to a very important theme we will be incorporating into our 2024 conference programming: literary citizenship. What is literary citizenship, what makes us active literary citizens, and how can all of us writers continue to contribute – in our own way – to the very special literary scene here in our province? 

Along with literary citizenship, our 2024 Spring conference – which will include hybrid events — will explore the nuances of writing in various genres, the business of writing, and the art of writing on timely topics like climate change and other important issues; we want to explore what it means to be an Alberta writer now. We look forward to showcasing a plethora of local voices through keynote lectures, workshops, panels, and pre-conference events. 

To learn more about the Conference and to Register, check out our current conference page


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The WGA conference is open to all adult and young adult writers. We make an effort to cover a wide range of topics relevant to contemporary writers, and to hold our meetings in accessible venues.

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