Conference & AGM


How does our current environment--political, cultural, ecological and psychological--affect the role of the writer? Writers are questioners. Writers explore. We adjust focus to pinpoint the right aspect that will produce clarity and refine perspective. Our medium is words. Join us in June as we examine critical thinking and creativity, political writing and opinion pieces, writing through difficult times (and subjects)--and much more!

Conference and AGM June 1 - 3, 2018 
Alberta Literary Awards Gala June 2, 2018

Conference: Memorial Park Library 1221 2 St SW, Calgary
Gala: Hyatt Regency 700 Centre Street SE, Calgary
Accommodation: Fairfield Marriott 239 12th Avenue SW Calgary

Coming soon.

Registration will open in February.

Why Attend a WGA Conference?

We know that a writer needs to reflect, imagine, try things out, listen, go deep, get into flow--be in solitude. But writers also need time and space to meet one another, share experiences and knowledge, meet with an editor to see if they're on the right track, and to grow professionally. This is what our conference offers. We make every effort to plan relevant professional development sessions, engaging keynote speakers, and time for welcoming and celebrating writers. We'd love to have you as part of our Alberta writing community.


Here is what our attendees have said:

Being around other writers gives me energy and refocuses me. Gets me back on track about my own writing. Gives me new ideas, new contacts and brings me up to date with what's happening in the literary world. i.e.... I didn't know there was a 'one page novel!"

It is a wonderful way to network with fellow writers in the writing community."

It is the place where we put dimension to our online contacts and studies in the literary arts. It is where we re-assert our identity as writers."

It's a wonderful weekend of community, something we all need once in a while. The WGA has many different members' opinions and tastes to attend to, and the conference manages to cover a pretty good range of them. Plus, WGA members and conference speakers all seem open and friendly to meeting new-to-them writers. It's a great chance to build one's community and resource bank."

The blue pencil alone was worth the price of admission for me. The wordplay and keynote speech were also good information and a lot of fun. I think writers can learn a lot and have fun with these kinds of formats."

If you belong to an organization, you don't get much value for your membership fee if you don't take part. And the annual conference is the best way of taking part in a whole lot of things in one swoop."




The WGA conference is open to all adult and young adult writers. We make an effort to cover a wide range of topics relevant to contemporary writers, and to hold our meetings in accessible venues.

Our equity committee is working on a more comprehensive statement on inclusivity.



The WGA is grateful to the following: