Manuscript Reading Service




About the program

The Manuscript Reading Service is an opportunity to have your manuscript read by a professional writer who will provide you with a detailed evaluation of content and technique, as well as suggestions for further development of your work. Manuscript readers will also attempt to answer any specific questions the author has regarding the manuscript. Please note that this is not intended to be a copy editing service, but rather to offer general feedback on the quality of the writing.

The WGA staff will endeavour to match your manuscript with a professional writer or editor whose experience most closely suits the manuscript you submit. All genres are eligible for this program. This is a blind service, so the reader’s name will not appear on the evaluation.

Depending on the availability of suitable readers, the service typically takes six to eight weeks.

The Manuscript Reading Service is only available to Writers' Guild of Alberta members. If you are not yet a member, visit our membership page for more information.

How to submit

Manuscripts must be submitted according to the following guidelines:

  • Printed manuscripts should be typed and printed in black ink in a readable 12 pt. font, on 8 ½ by 11 inch paper, single sided.
  • Pages must be display page numbers and be numbered sequentially.
  • Emailed manuscripts must be a Word or PDF file.
  • Submissions must be in English.
  • Prose manuscripts should be double-spaced.
  • Include a cover sheet with the following:
  • Author name
  • Author contact information
  • Word/page count of manuscript
  • Genre of manuscript (e.g. literary fiction, creative nonfiction, science fiction, young adult novel)

The author’s name must not appear on the manuscript itself.

If you have any specific questions you wish the reader to address, please type them on a separate sheet of paper.

To pay the fee, please call 780.422.8174 (1.800.665.5354 toll free Alberta) to make a credit card payment or mail a cheque.

Submit by mail:

Manuscript Reading Service c/o The Writers’ Guild of Alberta 11759 Groat Road NW Edmonton, AB  T5M 3K6

Please do not submit the only copy of your manuscript. Keep a copy for your files.

Submit by email: [email protected].

Please note that not all readers will read electronic manuscripts, and some may only read shorter electronic manuscripts. Manuscripts submitted electronically will be returned with electronic comments and will not be printed. Submitting in print is recommended for long manuscripts.

Fee Structure

Manuscript and Size





Under 3000 words


3001 to 6000 words


6001 to 10,000 words


10,001 to 20,000 words


20,001 to 50,000 words


50,001 to 80,000 words


 Over 80,000 words **See below



Up to 24 pages


25 to 64 pages


65 to 100 pages



Up to 29 pages


30 to 60 pages


61 to 100 pages


  **If your manuscript is longer than 80,000 words you may submit it with a $175 fee for the first 80,000 words and the appropriate fee for the remaining words, to a maximum total of 130,000. (e.g. a 100,000 word manuscript would have an additional fee of $120 for the additional 20,000 words, for a total fee of $295). The 80,000 word limit is to keep the standard wait time of six to eight weeks, so you would need to allow longer for a manuscript over the limit. We are unable to accommodate manuscripts that exceed 130,000 words.

All fees for this service are paid to the manuscript reader, plus a matching amount contributed by the Writers' Guild of Alberta (for example, if the author submitting the manuscript pays $150 for an evaluation on a prose manuscript of 20,001 - 50,000 words, the manuscript reader receives an honorarium of $300).