WordsWorth Presents: Circuit Tree

An online summer creative writing residency for youth aged 11-19

July 19 – 24 (ages 11-19), $250

The first ten registrations or referrals to a friend who hasn’t attended our summer camp in a previous year will receive a free t-shirt.

From the creative minds that brought you WordsWorth and Drink the Wild Air, we are proud to present Circuit Tree, an online creative writing residency program for youth. Immerse yourself in a community of creatives as you learn from professional authors and playwrights in a week-long series of workshops. And that’s only the beginning – world building, song writing, Dungeons & Dragons, campfire, bedtime stories, and more digital adventures await you at Circuit Tree!

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3-5 pm: Orientation! Learn about the platforms we’ll be using and meet some of the campers and instructors you’ll be creating with.

5-6 pm: Opening Night Activity

Monday - Thursday

9:30 – 11:00 am – block 1
11:15 – 12:45 pm – block 2
1:00 – 1:30 pm – Socializing and Lunch
1:45 – 3:15 pm – block 3

6:30 – 8:00 pm – Jam Sessions and Evening Activities


10:00 – 3:00 pm – Digital LARPQuest and Camp Closing Ceremonies

Instructors & Creative Team

David Wilson - Instructor

David Wilson (Instructor, BMus, Mmus) is a Singer, Conductor, Voice Teacher, Senior Yoga Instructor/Teacher Trainer and Breath Therapist. He is recognized across Canada as a leading authority on the use of Yoga, Functional Vocal Work and Breath Therapy to aid healthy singing and speaking techniques. He offers workshops to singers, actors, teachers and professionals on vocal power, emotional and creative freedom, anxiety and asthma relief, respiratory health, core stability, somatic movement and public speaking. David currently holds positions with Edmonton Musical Theatre, the University of Alberta, Cowtown Opera Summer Academy and the Theatre Arts program at MacEwan University. @thewilsonmethod #the_wilson_method

Kim Firmston - Instructor

Kim Firmston (Instructor, Technical Advisor) is the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society’s youth program director, writing instructor, playwright, and author. Her plays have been produced by children around the world. Her YA books include Creep Con, Hook Up, and Stupid – which can be read in both English and French. While Kim loves writing and teaching her true passion is making websites with Do Not Push buttons and getting up to mischief with other adventurous people. You can find her online at

Emily Ursuliak - Instructor

Emily Ursuliak (Instructor) is a poet, fiction-writer, and librarian. Her first book, Throwing the Diamond Hitch, won the High Plains Book Award for Poetry. Emily’s course this year comes from a life-long love of both tarot cards and writing poetry. It only makes sense to try to put those two together. Prior to the “Plague Times” she helped open the Calgary Public Library’s newest branch, Seton, which has a helicopter inside of it. Yes, you heard that right, a real helicopter, inside of a library. When she’s not reading, writing, or librarian-ing, Emily enjoys puttering in her garden with her plants or playing with her sassy cat, Findley. She’s looking forward to digitally connecting with you all this summer.

Louise Casemore - Instructor

Louise Casemore (Instructor) is an advocate, Sterling nominated actor, and two-time Sterling Award winning playwright. Originally from Edmonton, she is Artistic Director of indie renegade Defiance Theatre, recipient of the ATP/Enbridge Playwright’s Award, and featured artist in NYC ‘s “Necessary Exposure: The Female Playwright Project”. Original works include OCDFunctionalGEMINI, and the upcoming cabaret exorcism that is Undressed. She remains active in the larger community by way of policy writing, safe space advocacy, and as a contributing member to Calgary’s CART (Consent and Respect in Theatre) initiative. Louise is a devoted to finding honesty and intimacy wherever she can, and all things strange and unusual.

Marcello Di Cintio - Instructor

Photo Credit: James May

Marcello Di Cintio (Instructor) is the author of four books of documentary literature including Walls: Travels Along the Barricades and, most recently, Pay No Heed to the Rockets: Palestine in the Present Tense.His fifth book, Driven: The Secret Lives of Taxi Drivers, will be published next Spring. While sad not to be teaching in-person this year, Marcello takes some solace in the fact that his Gaga-back won’t be in Gaga-pain from Gaga Ball.

Marin Perlette - Instructor

Marin Perlette is an illustrator, animator, and creator from Calgary, Alberta. After earning her degree in Illustration and Character Design, Marin found herself with a little more free time on her hands than she’d like. She spends it working on small freelance projects, writing, storyboarding a short film, tending to a small lemon tree, and lazing around with her two terriers. She endeavours to create content that explores magical realism and escapism, and often finds the most satisfaction when her work makes people laugh. Marin will miss the trees, the sun-warmed porch, and the sonorous laughter that fills Kamp Kiwanis’s main lodge at lunch, but she is eager to return to WordsWorth via this newfangled digital medium. (

Sadie MacGillivray - Creative Team

Sadie MacGillivray has been a part of the WordsWorth community since 2012 and has loved every minute of it. She is always trying something new, whether that be a new creative project or a new recipe, and is constantly looking for a new anime to watch. Sadie’s latest writing project has been rewriting some of her old poetry from her WordsWorth camper days. She has always loved writing poetry and immersing herself in a new book, whether to escape the craziness of life or to help trudge through it. Sadie is looking forward to her second year as a Creative Team member and hopes that this online adventure will be as amazing as WordsWorth of years past!

Henry Greyson - Creative Team

Henry Greyson is an animator working out of Kelowna, British Colombia. He’s a graduate of an intensive animation college and has been working in the industry ever since! He has a passion for telling stories, and working with friends to make cool art. Let’s do make rad stuff!

Colin Matty - Camp Director

Colin Matty (Camp Director) is a playwright, poet, performer, and enthusiast of wordplay in all its forms. He first began his journey with WordsWorth and the Writers’ Guild in 2011, and has since come to appreciate the incredible passion and power of the community of young writers it brings together. While not scheming ways to make the experiences at camp even more magical, Colin runs his best ideas through a typewriter and gives them to strangers on the street. This is his sixth year as camp Director, and he hopes this year’s Circuit Tree will be the freshest yet! (Photo Credit: Cory Johnn Photography)        


Click the tabs to read about this year’s courses and hear from the instructors!

Widening the River with David Wilson

Widening the River: Lived experience generates our ideas, therefore writing is a full-body activity. In this class we will explore how specific activities affect our craft. Utilizing breathwork, meditation, yogaplay and vocal games, we seek to discover our increased confidence, power, awareness, inspiration and joy. Then we write, to see the wild and wonderful routes these experiences take our writing. This is a class about learning how to GO FOR IT. Come and play!

Radio Plays with Kim Firmston

Radio Plays: Create characters, a world, drama and intrigue, then showcase it in a series of short radio plays recorded by you and your classmates! Make the lines, do the voices, create the sound effects, and you bring the whole thing to life on virtual radio!

Writing Wrongs with Marcello Di Cintio

Writing Wrongs: In a world aflame with pandemic and protest, how do we craft stories that are both beautiful and “important”? How can we be both artists and activists? How can our personal stories serve the public good? In this nonfiction workshop, we will explore the social justice issues that define these anxious times and respond to them on the page.

Fact and Fiction with Louise Casemore

Fact and Fiction: Disastrous deceits, true stories, and everything in between! From pen names to plagiarism, our relationship to the truth is never as it seems. This course will explore literary liars and what we can learn from them, tools for giving and receiving constructive critique, and the importance of bringing honesty to your work. Using a mix of in-class exercises, writing time, and group discussion, we will look at how to use your personal experiences to your advantage and unlock ways that writers can be brave within their words!

The Poet's Tarot with Emily Ursuliak

The Poet’s Tarot: Embark on the journey of The Fool with us as we explore the rich history, symbology, and numerology of the Tarot and mine it for poetic material. We’ll be making no prophecies for the future here, instead the cards and the people who have designed them, will act as our muses. No tarot cards are required to take this course

Character Design 100 with Marin Perlette

Character Design 100:So, you’ve written yourself a protagonist (or an antagonist, or a loveable side character): But what do they look like? And why do they look like that? In this drawing course, we’ll explore the principles of character design through the lens of genre. We’ll cover anatomy, silhouette, colour theory, expression, exaggeration and style. Come prepared to draw with your preferred medium and a sketchbook, a digital drawing tablet, or even a humble stack of printer paper!


Registrations are final and non-refundable. Courses, instructors and supervisors may be subject to change. A full refund will be made in the event the camp is cancelled. 

Registration is now closed.