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Circuit Tree: Rebooted

With the success of our youth programming and the desire for more throughout the year, the creative minds that brought you WordsWorth and Drink the Wild Air decided to give Circuit Tree a reboot! Circuit Tree: Rebooted is an ongoing series of single-day creative writing workshops for youth ages 11 – 19

Join us to learn something new or get a refresh on some tips and tricks from working professionals. You will also gain access to our youth Discord server where discussions, collaboration, sharing of art, and more digital adventures await!


Writing Well-Rounded Characters

In-Person | May 12th, 2024

WHERE: Stanley A. Milner Library (7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB): Civic Employees Fund Room 2 (Main Floor)

$40 each | $75 both

Protagonists (Part 1) | 10am-1pm

Do you have an awesome idea for a story but need help fleshing out your protagonist? Maybe you just want a refresher on best practices when writing a well-rounded protagonist? We’ll learn and practice some of the best steps involved in avoiding stereotypes and tokenization, as well as including believable flaws and strengths, for that main character of yours!

Antagonists & Secondary Characters (Part 2) | 2pm-5pm

*Part 1 is not a pre-requisite, but concepts will overlap*

So now that you have a well-rounded protagonist for your awesome story, it’s time to flesh out your antagonist! Or maybe your well-rounded protagonist is in need of some well-rounded friends? We’ll learn and practice avoiding stereotypes and tokenization in secondary characters, as well as including believable flaws and strengths in that antagonist of yours!

Émanuel Dubbeldam is a francophone actor and writer based in Edmonton. He works for both the stage and screen, whether as a playwright, screenwriter, actor, or voiceover artist. He has a penchant for camp and an affinity for realism, as different as the two may be. Émanuel loves listening to audiobooks and podcasts, making crossword puzzles, and cycling around town.

Honing Your Comedic Writing


Do you have a quip for every situation? Have you ever been considered a class clown? Or maybe you’re just looking to refine the perfect joke for your new novel? If you’re looking to make people laugh, then this workshop is for you! We’ll detail all the secrets and tools you’ll need to hone your comedic writing skills, from writing the perfect non-hero, to getting out the funniest comic premise.

Noah Parkinson is an eclectic artist and writer who works with a wide variety of concepts and genre; with a passion for blending the serious and the zany into one horrible mishmash, Noah is a self-styled enjoyer of goths, demons, and monsters, with influences from campy slasher films and ‘80s American culture. Writing anything weird, wacky, or alternative is Noah’s forte.

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