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March 24, 10:00 – 11:00 AM (Mountain time)
$25 members (WGA, CAA, & Stroll of Poets), $35 non-members
Students $10

Smash All teh Rulez

English has almost infinite expressive potential, but when it comes to the rules it’s a game everyone will lose sooner or later. Why is that? Because we made it that way, and we keep it that way through our own insecurity and snobbishness. The result is unpleasant behaviour and unpleasant writing. It’s time to smash the rules. James Harbeck is an experienced editor and a trained linguist, and he knows which rules are real, which are just superstitions, and what effects you can have by breaking them.

Take an hour to find out about the top 13 rules to break in writing—and when and how you can smash them for maximum effect. The English language is fun, and so is breaking rules… especially ones that were never real rules in the first place.

James Harbeck has an MA in linguistics, a PhD in theatre, and 20 years of experience as a professional editor and writer. You can read his articles on language at,, and his own blog, Find out more about him at





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