CSL Blog Project, Volume 13: Carol Parchewsky—An Excellent Writer Beside Us

Carol Parchewsky—An Excellent Writer Beside Us by Haiyue Yu In Calgary, Alberta, lives an excellent writer who impresses me deeply. Her name is Carol Parchewsky. Carol is a writer who dabbles in many different writing fields including picture books, poetry, creative nonfiction, middle-grade and adult fiction. Since the beginning of her writing career, she has […]

CSL Blog Project, Volume 11: Poems, in TWO Languages (Feat. Luciana Erregue-Sacchi)

Poems, in TWO Languages by Sven Liu Literature, which is considered the most significant representation of the mental universe for humankind, has been separated into numerous genres by writers. Writers are proficient in multiple different genres to express their way of thinking, especially those who have different life experiences and who speak various languages. Poetry […]

CSL Blog Project, Volume 10: An Online Interview with Lisa Dublin

An Online Interview with Lisa Dublin by Qian Cao Leo Lisa Dublin is from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, and she moved to Edmonton with her family in 2013. Poetry, performance poetry, and writing are the things she has always loved. She holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business, and most recently […]

CSL Blog Project, Volume 7: Stay Who You Are (Feat. Lisa Dublin)

Stay Who You Are by Hedwig Li Lisa Dublin is a poet who was born in Saint Lucia, an island country in the Caribbean Sea. When she grew older, she went to Australia to study for an MBA. Recently, she moved with her family to Edmonton, and received her MA at the University of Alberta. […]

CSL Blog Project Project, Volume 6: Talking to the Marvelous Sophie Pinkoski

Talking to the Marvelous Sophie Pinkoski by Xue Liu Sophie Pinkoski is a Canadian novelist who has a store of literary experiences. After I read her biography provided by the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, I found out her hometown is Edmonton, which she returned to after completing her education around the world. I am interested […]

CSL Blog Project, Volume 4: Carol Parchewsky—a “Book Engineer”

Carol Parchewsky—a “Book Engineer” by Shu Yu I had the pleasure of interviewing Carol Parchewsky, a Canadian writer who has also received her Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and postgraduate certificates in Professional Management, e-learning, and creative writing at the University of Calgary. She currently focuses on adult and […]