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2013/14 Borderlines Writers Circle


Pushpa Raj Acharya is a poet, fiction writer, and translator who immigrated to Canada from Nepal in 2012. His collections of poems, Dream Catcher (in English) and Chhayakaal (“The Phantom Time”, in Nepali), weave together themes of inner revelation, nature, history, and myth.

Rashmi Kumar is a professional journalist who worked for leading newspapers in India before moving to Canada in 2012. Her first novel, Stilettos in the Newsroom, was written in English with a style heavily influenced by the Indian diaspora. Launched in 2010 by one of India’s top publishers, the book remained on the country’s best seller list for nearly a month.

Kadrush Radogoshi is an award-winning Albanian writer from Kosovo, with 16 published books of poetry, literary criticism, and novels in Albanian. His poems have been translated and included in Swedish and Romanian anthologies. A past president of the Writers’ Union of Kosovo, Kadrush taught literature until he immigrated to Canada in 2010.

Maitham Salman was born in Iraq and came to Canada in 1998 as a political refugee. He has published a novel, Husks as Big as My Country, and a collection of short stories, The Dirhams of Caliphate, in Arabic, as well as many articles and short stories in Arabic newspapers and magazines.

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