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Borderlines Series: Scene from the Outside

Scene from the Outside: A Conversation with New Immigrant Writers presented by the Writers’ Guild of Alberta and Minister Faust. Three writers from around the world, Anamol Mani, Marina Ivanova and Susana Chalut discuss the writer as outsider, writing in two languages, the impact of individualism, the economy, and social media from a global perspective. Produced by Dan Ivanov and Julie Robinson. September 21, 2015

Minister Faust is a novelist, print/radio/television journalist, blogger, sketch comedy writer, video game writer, playwright, and poet. He also taught high school and junior high English literature and composition for a decade. His novels include The Alchemists of Kush, Shrinking the Heroes, and The Coyote Kings. Find out more about Minister Faust at

Susana Chalut, originally from Chile, arrived in Canada on December 24, 1999. Her book of poetry, Lights and Shades, was published by the provincial government in Valparaiso (Cultural Department, 1999.) She also achieved third place for The Andes City poetry contest, 1999. Since coming to Canada she has married, raised two children and collected many ideas for future poems.

Originally from Russia, Marina Ivanova holds a law degree from Russia and Master of Laws from the University of Alberta, and is currently working at Alberta Justice, Crown Prosecution Service. Writing is her passion, and speculative fiction, her favorite genre. She has over 100 short story publications in different literary magazines and anthologies in Russia. She has just recently started exploring script-writing; her very first feature film script “The Lottery of Life” became the winner of 2015 Alberta Screenwriters Initiative.

Anamol Mani is a Nepali-born, Canada-based author and journalist. Over one and a half decades, he has worked in a wide variety of literary writing and journalism in the Nepali language. He is the author of five books, including the first audio book of a short story in Nepal. His story collections include Neelima Ra Gaada Andhyaro (Neelima and Pitch Dark-ness), Sabut (Evidence-2011), Aajaka Nepali Katha (Contemporary Nepalese Stories- 2011).

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