Meet Our Members

In late 2018 members of the WGA volunteered to be interviewed by students at the University of Alberta as part of a Community Services Learning project. Professor Leilei Chen and her students from ENGL 102 G2 and G3 Fall 2018 and ENGL 102 A10 and A5 Winter 2018 conducted the interviews. We feel like these […]

Eda Lee interviews Lori Hahnel

Lori Hahnel is the author behind three fictional novels that brings readers into a world of  romance, music, and relationships. Her dream to be a writer started very young and she dedicated many hours of her life into pursuing this goal. She did her Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Calgary while […]

CSL Interview Blog: Jiawei Wang and Jared Schapansky

Jared Schapansky is a Canadian writer living in Alberta right now. He has a day job which is digging ditches and filling them in again. In terms of his career as a writer, he essentially have two different writing careers. The first one is that he has been supervising a unit in the provincial Ministry […]

Interview of Susan Calder by Mulki Jimale

    To Inspire While some authors may choose to leave their writing and real lives unattached, many make use of their experiences to further enhance the stories they wish to tell. Recently I had the opportunity of getting to know Susan Calder, a very inspirational woman who almost seamlessly integrates her background into her […]

Kasya Jaddock interviews Anamol Mani Paudel

  Anamol Mani Paudel was born and raised in Nepal, Asia. Paudel has a strong connection to his culture, writing stories and poems in his mother language, Napalese. His culture and experiences are the main influences of his writing pieces. One piece in particular, “Test-Tube Baby and My Beloved”, is heavily based upon the culture […]

Payton Ferguson interviews Audrey Whitson

Audrey Whitson is a published author who grew up on a farm in Alberta. She was born here, and has spent her life collecting experiences and stories, transferring thought to page as it comes to her. Audrey has lived or travelled extensively in many places, including Mexico and South America, the United States, Alberta, and […]

Maximilian Szczypien CLS Blog Project-Moji Taiwo

Moji Taiwo is an award-winning author from Lagos, Nigeria located in West Africa. As a young woman, she immigrated to Canada and began working as a civil servant for the Government of Alberta. Ever since her childhood, Moji loved to convey her emotions and feelings through writing and storytelling. After retiring from her civil servant […]

CSL- Leah Murray interviews Shirley Serviss

Shirley Serviss is a local Edmonton writer, and poet, who works with the University of Alberta Hospital to uplift the spirits of patients through her writing. Through this interview, Shirley sheds light onto the positive benefits that exist when art and writing is integrated into the healthcare system, and the positive effects it can have […]

Colleen Penton CSL Interview with Breanna Massey

By Colleen Penton For this project, I had the chance to interview Breanna Massey, who is a writer living in Calgary while working on various writing projects. She is a graduate of Mount Royal University with a degree in English and was part of an interesting program during her studies in which she lived in […]

Interview with Leslie Greentree by Alexia Yeung

Leslie Greentree is a Canadian poet and playwright who is very keen with establishing a genuine relatability with her audience. Her work ranges from short stories and essays (The Waiting Anthology), to books of poetry, an award-winning short fiction novel (A Minor Planet for You), two plays. Her most recent work features herself as the […]