Meet Our Members

In late 2018 members of the WGA volunteered to be interviewed by students at the University of Alberta as part of a Community Services Learning project. Professor Leilei Chen and her students from ENGL 102 G2 and G3 Fall 2018 and ENGL 102 A10 and A5 Winter 2018 conducted the interviews. We feel like these […]

Véronique Caron interviews Dustin Archibald

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Dustin Archibald, a fantasy/fiction writer from Grande Prairie, Alberta; his work consists of comic books, a novel, and short stories. He also won third place in the 2016 Collins Writing Contest for his short story titled “Down the Line” and was the president of the Board of […]

Ruby Lall and WGA member Kristal Turner

  Exploring an Informative Rollercoaster of Emotions with the Courageous Kristal Tuner! This interview undergoes informative questions and answers about Kristal Turner, a Canadian writer who was born in Winnipeg, and lived in Calgary for majority of her life. Kristal is currently striving for her Masters in Education. I delved into research about her, and […]

Interview with Leslie Greentree by Alexia Yeung

Leslie Greentree is a Canadian poet and playwright who is very keen with establishing a genuine relatability with her audience. Her work ranges from short stories and essays (The Waiting Anthology), to books of poetry, an award-winning short fiction novel (A Minor Planet for You), two plays. Her most recent work features herself as the […]

Ella Dunlop interviews Kimmy Beach

An Interview with Kimmy Beach      I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kimmy Beach, a Canadian writer known for her works in poetry. She received her First-Class Honours Degree in English from the University of Alberta, and also works as an editor, offering degrees of support to new or established writers. Kimmy has published […]

Taylor Peckford interview of Lea Storry

Lea Storry is an inspiring woman who was destined to be a writer. Throughout her career she has been able to take the economic challenges life has thrown at her, adapt to them and change direction all while still doing what she loves. This determination is what lead to her business “Family Lines”. Part of […]

The Value of Creative Writing. Dylan Brander feat. Vivian Hansen

CSL Interview Blog Vivian Hansen is an accomplished poet & freelance writer with a wide variety of publications such as A Bitter Mood of Clouds and Leylines of My Flesh. Vivian uses her voice to advocate for societal subjects like gender and racial equality. Throughout the course of her career Vivian has had an outstanding […]

Colleen Penton CSL Interview with Breanna Massey

By Colleen Penton For this project, I had the chance to interview Breanna Massey, who is a writer living in Calgary while working on various writing projects. She is a graduate of Mount Royal University with a degree in English and was part of an interesting program during her studies in which she lived in […]

Bijal Patel interview with Garry Ryan

CSL Blog I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of interviewing Garry Ryan, a Canadian award winning writer based out of Calgary, Alberta. Garry has written the Detective Lane Series which consists of 10 books. He focuses on writing adult fiction, historical fiction and mystery novels. I was interested in Garry’s because I was […]

Brigo Castillo – Kathryn Charr

In this interview, I was fortunate enough to be connected with writer Kathryn Charr. As a scholar with various English literature and languages credentials, Charr divulged insightful wisdom regarding her apprehension of effective writing techniques and motivations. She also recounted her early experiences as a writer and provides pragmatic advice in overcoming common setbacks. Aside […]