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Meet Our Members

In late 2018 members of the WGA volunteered to be interviewed by students at the University of Alberta as part of a Community Services Learning project. Professor Leilei Chen and her students from ENGL 102 G2 and G3 Fall 2018 and ENGL 102 A10 and A5 Winter 2018 conducted the interviews. We feel like these […]

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Brigo Castillo – Kathryn Charr

In this interview, I was fortunate enough to be connected with writer Kathryn Charr. As a scholar with various English literature and languages credentials, Charr divulged insightful wisdom regarding her apprehension of effective writing techniques and motivations. She also recounted her early experiences as a writer and provides pragmatic advice in overcoming common setbacks. Aside […]

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Laurie Fuhr interview by Emily Kapty

By emailing with Laurie Fuhr I have gotten to know the bubbly, passionate woman that she is! Her poetry and songwriting is heartfelt and unique, with powerful messages that inspire me to grow as an individual. Understanding how accomplished Laurie is, I want to know how she got to where she is today. In this […]

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Christie Allarie interviews Rudy Wiebe

Rudy Wiebe has found great success writing several novels including The Temptations of Big Bear and A Discovery of Strangers both of which received The Governor General’s Award. As well as his memoir Of This Earth: A Mennonite Boyhood in the Boreal Forest which received The Charles Taylor Prize. He is currently a professor emeritus […]

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Yue Zeng interviews Lee Kvern

  INTRODUCTION Lee Kvern is a female author of both short stories and novels. Unlike many other award-winning authors, she began her writing career after having a four-year degree from ACAD in graphic design and illustration. With no previous training on creating a literary piece, her writing life started with her encountering  a writer at […]

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Emma Kennedy and Monica Kidd

Monica Kidd is a writer, mother, family doctor, and printer based out of Calgary, Alberta. She owns a printshop called Whisky Jack Letterpress and works as a family doctor while caring for her three young children. She has written four poetry collections, six books, including a biography detailing her Great Grandparents’ travels to North America. […]

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Adam Burant, Interview of Don Perkins

I was wondering what goes into making a Canadian author. How to start writing? What to write about? And finding oneself as an author. I asked Edmonton writer Don Perkins a few questions on the subject in the hopes he could illuminate these topics for me.   When did you decide to become an author […]

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Kavitha Christene Kiran interviews Joan Marie Galat

Joan Marie Galat- CCBC Author, Illustrator and Storyteller Directory. Digital image. Joan Marie Galat. Canadian Council for the Arts, n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2018. <>. The Night Sky and Galaxies Joan Marie Galat is an author of books for both children and adults, with a background in science and journalism. She started writing books at the […]

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Bijal Patel interview with Garry Ryan

CSL Blog I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of interviewing Garry Ryan, a Canadian award winning writer based out of Calgary, Alberta. Garry has written the Detective Lane Series which consists of 10 books. He focuses on writing adult fiction, historical fiction and mystery novels. I was interested in Garry’s because I was […]

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