Meet Our Members

In late 2018 members of the WGA volunteered to be interviewed by students at the University of Alberta as part of a Community Services Learning project. We feel like these brief interviews will help give more than just a face to go with a name in our members list. We hope you enjoy learning more about your fellow Writers’ Guild members.



Anamol Mani PaudelĀ 

Ann Campbell

Audrey Whitson

Autumn Reinhardt-Simpson

Beth Rich

Betty Jane Hegerat

Blaine Newton

Breanna Massey

Brent Man

Carleen Ellis

Catalina Morales

Cheryl Foggo

Cheryl Mahaffy

Clem Martini

Don Perkins

Dustin Archibald

Elise Judd

Ellen Kartz

Ellyn Schaffner

Garry Ryan

Giorgia Severini

Graeme Connell

Gunnilla Nilsson

Halli Lilburn

Jared Schapansky

Jason Lee Norman

Jason Lee Norman 2

Jason Lee Norman 3

Janet Wees

Jenna Butler

Jennifer Williamson

Jim Flatman

Joan Marie Galat

Joan Taillon

Jock Mackenzie

Joy Pritchard

Kathryn Charr

Ken Kroes

Kim Mannix

Kristal Turner

Laini Giles

Laurie Fuhr

Lea Storry

Leanne Myggland-Carter

Lee Kvern

Leslie Greentree

Lisa Mulrooney

Mary Graham

Mary-Lee Blemings

Matthew Stepanic

Mila Bongco-Philipzig

Moji Taiwo

Monica Kidd

Nancy Bell

Nicolas Brown

Nikki Tate

Pam Clark

Rena Traxel

Robert Runte

Rona Altrows

Rudy Wiebe

Shirlee Matheson

Shirley Serviss

Stephen Mackisoc

Steven Sandor

Steven Ross Smith

Sue Farrell Holler

Susan Calder

Vivian Hansen


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