Manraaj Singh and Giorgia Severini

M.S: 1. Being a Members Service Coordinator, what would you say are the benefits and the drawbacks (if any) of the work you focus on? G.S: My title has changed this year to Operations Manager. The work is mostly administrative, but does involve a lot of writing in terms of grant applications, member communications, and […]

CSL Interview with Steven Ross Smith, by Scott Roberts

  Steven Ross Smith is a Canadian poet and self-taught writer born in Toronto. At Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Smith obtained a diploma in Radio and Television Arts before eventually settling down in Banff where he is currently the appointed Banff Poet Laureate. Smith is continuing his writing and working on the 7th book in his […]

CSL- Leah Murray interviews Shirley Serviss

Shirley Serviss is a local Edmonton writer, and poet, who works with the University of Alberta Hospital to uplift the spirits of patients through her writing. Through this interview, Shirley sheds light onto the positive benefits that exist when art and writing is integrated into the healthcare system, and the positive effects it can have […]

Kaylee Emslie interviews Brent Man

I have chosen to interview Brent Man as a writer, and after thinking long and hard, I decided to ask these questions, for this is where my curiosity peaked. I was curious as a young writer on how one decides to pursue writing to the utmost extent, and what decisions and choices they made along […]

Thomas Ivanc’s interview with Nicolas Brown

I recently had the opportunity to interview Nicolas Brown, the President of the Canadian Authors Association-Alberta Branch. He was the Issues editor of the “NAIT Nugget” (a student newspaper at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) from 2015-2016 and has worked briefly in the University of Alberta’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.   T […]

Qualities of a Writer. Patrick Nguyen and Halli Lilburn.

Writers are passionate for their art form. It is a way to connect with the rest of the world. Each writer perceives the world in their own unique way. Their art sheds light onto new perspectives and new beauties of the world. It gives meaning to both themselves and to their readers. I got to […]

Mara Palahniuk interviews Rona Altrows

Rona Altrows – Seeing Life Through an Author’s Eyes by Mara Palahniuk It was an honor to interview Rona Altrows.  Upon researching her, I discovered that she is a woman of many talents and passions: fiction writing, editing, essay writing, playwriting, and advocating for human rights.  This Calgarian is extremely accomplished, having published six major […]

Maximilian Szczypien CLS Blog Project-Moji Taiwo

Moji Taiwo is an award-winning author from Lagos, Nigeria located in West Africa. As a young woman, she immigrated to Canada and began working as a civil servant for the Government of Alberta. Ever since her childhood, Moji loved to convey her emotions and feelings through writing and storytelling. After retiring from her civil servant […]

Hunter Boyer interviews Lisa Mulrooney

CSL Blog Project Lisa Mulrooney is a poet raised out of Redditch, England, and currently lives in Stony Plain, Alberta. At the age of fifteen, Lisa and her family immigrated to Canada where she spent the later part of her teenage years. The literature Lisa’s parents shared with her as a child had a heavy influence […]

Laurie Fuhr interview by Emily Kapty

By emailing with Laurie Fuhr I have gotten to know the bubbly, passionate woman that she is! Her poetry and songwriting is heartfelt and unique, with powerful messages that inspire me to grow as an individual. Understanding how accomplished Laurie is, I want to know how she got to where she is today. In this […]