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WordBridge Lethbridge Writers’ Conference

WordBridge 2021 is Feb 12 & 13.

Lethbridge’s Writers’ Conference is now in its third year, but due to the pandemic, it will be hosted online via Zoom. Thanks to the significantly lower costs associated with online verses in-person, tickets for the entire two-day conference are a mere $5.

This year’s Keynote Address will be given by Lethbridge best-selling author Paul Butler on “The Contemporary Nature of Historical Fiction”. 

Panels presentations include such topics as  “Publishing and Writers”, “Writing for Youth”, “Realism in Crime Novels”, “Dealing with criticism”, “Writing Romance”, “Working with a Publicist”  “Self-Publishing”, “World-Building”, “Show Don’t Tell”, “Using Myth and folklore to improve your writing”, “Finding Your Voice”, and more.

Take a break and support your local writers’ community by coming out for this year’s conference. For tickets and more information, go to or follow us on Facebook.

Friday, Feb. 12, 2020

2:00 PM – Opening Message: Jenna Green

3:00 PM – Podcast Panel: Joshua Pantalleresco, Miranda Oh, Jenna Greene

4:00 PM – Writing for Youth: Danika Stone, Caryn Swix, Emily Victoria

5:00 PM – Realism in a Crime Novel: Dwayne Clayden, Danika Stone

6:00 PM – Panel: Romantics at heart: Mandy Michelle, Sarah Graham, Mandy Eve Barnett, Melinda Curtis

7:00 PM – Panel: Dealing with critics and criticism: Hali Lilliburn, Suzy Vadori, Kevin Weir, Josh Pantalleresco, Danika Stone

Saturday, Feb. 13, 2020

9:00 AM – “Publishers and writers”: Adrian Kerr  

10:00 AM – Freelancing: Joshua Pantalleresco  

11:00 AM – “Working with a publicist”: Mickey Mikkelson, Miranda Oh, Anne Gordon, Jenna Greene, Ann Charles

12:00 PM – “Self-publishing tips, tricks, advice”: D’arcy Kavanagh

1:00 PM – World building panel: Adam Dreece, Jim Jackson, Kevin Weirs, Jenna Greene

2:00 PM – Presentation “The Many Shades of Show, Don’t Tell”: Suzy Vadori

3:00 PM – “Elemental Tales: Using Myth and folklore to improve your writing”: Jim Jackson

4:00 PM – “Finding Your Voice in Writing”: Adam Dreece

5:00 PM – “Why Manuscripts Get Rejected”: Naomi Davis

6:00 PM – Preparing for publication: Linda Pedley, Mandy Eve Burnett

7:00 PM – Wine & Cheese Online Social

The WGA is a proud sponsor of the WordBridge Conference in Lethbridge.

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