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WGA Programming at When Words Collide, a Festival for Readers and Writers

The WGA is proud to host the following events at this year When Words Collide Festival!

Festival registration required for all sessions.


Writers Guild of Alberta Program Pitch Session with Dorothy Bentley
Saturday August 13, 2022 – 12 PM to 2 PM

Are you the author of a recently published book who likes to teach workshops or perform other sessions of interest to writers? Pitch your session idea and it may be chosen for a future event. Advance sign-up required.

The Forge Sword Fight Writing Workshop (The Forge in Calgary)
Saturday August 13, 2022 – 11 AM

Join Mark Winkleman, Jeff Mostowich, and Alex Williamson in this fantastic fusion of writing workshop and sword fighting tutorial. Historical European Martial Arts instructors Mark and Jeff will walk us through a crash course in the language of medieval sword masters, technique, demonstrations, and common errors in books and film. Between each segment Alex will lead a brief writing exercise, so by the end of the session participants will have crafted their own sword fight!

Everyday Magic – C. J. Lavigne
Saturday August 13, 2022 – 1 PM

This workshop digs into the kind of urban fantasy that introduces one subtle change and rewrites the world. We’ll examine small elements of “what if?” and how they can be used to best effect, sliding the magical into the mundane. Examples, writing exercises, and discussion will all be used to explore this topic and give you some ideas for sparking the speculative in your work. 

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