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Thank You to Our Volunteers!

The staff at the Writers’ Guild of Alberta offices are extremely grateful to our volunteers who have helped get us through one of the busiest months of the year. You stepped up to take casino shifts, sell books, register conference attendees, and everything in between. We could not do what we do at the WGA without the help of our volunteers and we are so thankful to them for donating their time to help our staff and fellow members.

Photo by Tracy Kolenchuk

Thank you to our 2019 conference volunteers!

  • Sheena Asfar
  • Mary-Lee Blemings
  • Bobbi Farion
  • Tania Gigliotti
  • Susan Glasier
  • Desiree Kendrick
  • Tracy Kolenchuk
  • C.J. Lavigne
  • Heather Mah
  • Catalina Morales
  • Kerri Strobl
  • Kelsey Oliver
  • Eileen Omosa
  • Hadeel Othman
  • Ariana Townsend
  • Amanda Wells
  • Vivian Zenari
  • Carolyn Ziegler
Photo by Melissa Penney

Thank you to our casino volunteers!

  • Akosua Adasi 
  • Emanuel (Manny) Blosser
  • Linda Bolton-Holder
  • Lori Brietzke
  • Leslie Chivers
  • Raymond Choy
  • Alison Clarke
  • Christine Dober
  • Dymphny Dronyk
  • Roberta Farion
  • Danielle Fuechtmann
  • Mary Graham
  • Leslie Greentree
  • Stephanie Gregorwich
  • Gary Gully
  • Carol Holmes
  • Ellen Kartz
  • Mike Maguire
  • Alice Major
  • Nicholas Mayne
  • Bonnie McBride
  • Peter Midgley
  • Lisa Mulrooney
  • Leanne Myggland-Carter
  • Blaine Newton
  • Jason Norman
  • Diane Robitelle
  • Michelle Saulnier
  • Marilyn Scott
  • Audrey Seehagen
  • Shirley Serviss
  • Giorgia Severini
  • Brian Stanko
  • Linda Strong-Watson
  • Bobbi Westman
  • Wallis Vrouwe
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