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Name of GroupThe Write-In
Meeting Day & TimeWednesdays, 7:30PM MDT
Contact NameAngus Thomson
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- Wednesdays; 7:30 PM MDT
- Any questions can be directed to [email protected]

**The Write-In**

"The Write-In" is a virtual writing space hosted by artist/writer, Savanna Harvey, where participants set aside two hours every Wednesday night in a dedicated writing sprint to work on their own projects. Writers can set and share their sprint goals, weekly goals, pair up with accountability buddies, and connect with an online writing community to work out new ideas, beat writers' block, and exchange drafts.

"The Write-In" is a great option for writers

- searching for community support with motivation/goals
- facing barriers to in-person programming
- requiring economically-accessible programming
- in need of drop-in/flexible commitment programming

Chat is moderated, and discrimination or bullying will not be tolerated. The space's interactions are for a general audience. Writers of all genres are welcome. And while we will chat about writing at the beginning and end of the night - we'll get a lot of actual writing done, too. "The Write-In": a virtual community writing space where we say hi and then ignore each other for 2 hours.

"The Write-In" takes place every Wednesday from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM MDT on Twitch (, completely free. This virtual writing and community space originated and will remain online, even once restrictions and the pandemic are no longer a concern.

Happy writing!

"The Write-In" endeavors to be a care-taking online creation space, safe for communities frequently targeted by online harassment such as IBPOC, LGBTQIA2S*, disabled, MAD, immigrant, women, etc. artists. Artists of these lived identities and experiences are very welcome; harassment and bullying of equity-seeking communities will not be tolerated. Auto-generated captions are available for use on the Twitch platform.

**About the Artist**

Savanna is an interdisciplinary creator-performer specializing in alternative performance practices (digital, mask, puppetry, clown, collective creation, immersive, interactive, site-specific, installation, intermedial, etc.) She is an organizer of secret midnight meetings and an instigator of resistance. As a creator-performer, she's toured Canada with her weird little shows about garbage puppets and science ghosts. She's a loner and co-conspirator. A killjoy feminist, a citizen scientist, a renegade scholar, and a ruthless proponent of kindness.


**Land Acknowledgement**

Savanna lives and creates in Treaty 6 and 7 territories in Amiskwaciywâskahikan-Edmonton and Mohkínstsis-Calgary. She is a colonizer and has benefitted from the systemic racism and genocide of Canada’s indigenous peoples. She is committed to dismantling oppressive systems and fighting in solidarity with land and water protectors. Indigenous sovereignty and reconciliation should be the cornerstones of climate action because environmentalism without intersectionality is just white supremacy with trees. We are all treaty people.

**Digital Creator Statement**

This virtual writing space is streamed live to Twitch (international servers) and utilizes an array of specialised hardware behind-the-scenes to make this possible. While digital communities and their required technologies have provided immeasurable relief from social isolation during the pandemic, they also contribute to increased power consumption, resulting in more greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating the climate crisis. Increased demand for these products feed exploitative, inhumane resource extraction and unconscionable wealth disparity from techno-colonization. The planned obsolescence of technologies and inability or difficulty in self-upgrading or repairing our devices is a contributing factor to the catastrophic electronic waste crisis. Rural and impoverished communities face barriers to sufficient and reliable broadband access and the tools to utilize it, putting them at a lifelong disadvantage in an ever-digitizing world. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

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