Teen Writing Groups

We offer programs for young writers during the year. See below for more information.


The Calgary Teen Writing Group will be running a reading series this fall, The Tent Peg Reading Series for Young Writers. 

Tent Peg Reading: An interactive series which provides young writers an opportunity to develop their writing voice and community through the dynamic mentorship of relevant Canadian writers. Each session in this series will be designed to expose, excite and explore writing through dynamic Canadian writing and writers.

2019-20 Tent Peg Reading Series

In the 2019-2020 Tent Peg workshop, we will be looking at various forms of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artistic text that intertwine with storytelling. How do we express ourselves through stories? How do we draw inspiration and respond to our world, to other writings, to art? 

Writers will have a chance to look at different artistic and literary forms. A series of hands-on writing exercises will encourage writers to tell stories by engaging with different poems, different objects, as well as experiment with writing of their own. An altered-book project will be explored, where writers will be able to house all they’ve written into a personalized notebook to take home and be used as inspiration for future writing projects.

Tent Peg Reading Series will run a Wednesday-a-month from October -June from 6:30-9pm

Cost $45, includes all instruction and materials, Oct-June

2019-20 Dates:

  • Oct 2
  • Nov. 6 or 20 (to be confirmed soon)
  • Dec 4
  • Jan 15
  • Feb 5
  • March 4
  • April 1
  • May 6
  • June 3
Thank you to Loft 112, Writers' Guild of Alberta, Aritha van Herk, and Lisa Murphy-Lamb!
Contact: Lisa Murphy-Lamb Email: [email protected]
Address: #112-535, 8 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5S9

Be a Video Poem Maker! Teen Writing and Film Project

This winter, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, in collaboration with celebrated filmmaker Shawn Tse and nationally-recognized spoken word artist Brandon Wint, will launch Be a Video Poem Maker! The program aims to help teens learn to write and speak poems, and turn those poems into captivating videos. Teens will be provided with and trained to use video recording tablets to bring their unique words to life through film.  

Young Journalist Program

The Young Journalist Program is for youth aged 15-19 looking to enter the field of journalism. This elite program allows Young Journalists to meet professionals in many fields of journalism, enabling them to ask questions and get the real scoop on what journalism is today as well as in the future. Young Journalists will create a print and/or online newspaper to give them practical experience in writing content, editing, organizing and publishing content. Using this content, the Young Journalists will create a portfolio that can be used to improve their chances of acceptance to the degree program of their choice.

Need more information? Contact the AWCS youth program director, Kim Firmston, [email protected]

Summer Fun Days

July 10, 24, Aug 7, 14 (single day)

A series of writing workshops in July and August that will help youth continue to develop their writing skills in various creative subjects.


Youth Summer Camps

Summer Writing Adventures for ages 9-13 – with Suzy Vadori

Unlocking the Secrets  
Explore different genres of writing with Themed Days! From non-fiction to the fantastic, mystery to playwriting, get to know how a story arc weaves its way through all our writing.

Teen Writing Camp for ages 13-17– with Dania Idriss

Myth, Magic, and Monsters 

Over the course of this week the students will learn a new myth or folktale from around the world each day. Then write their own stories (or poems) using myths, motifs, and characters in new and original works

Year-Round Writing Groups-Fostering creativity, community, and youth leadership in an accepting environment.

Reality Is Optional Writing Club (RIO) – Need a place that understands you? Come and join us. Youth-led, adult mentored. Guest speakers, writing games, art, improv, friends, and creativity. Play with your words — all you need is a notebook and pen. 

Novelmancers Novel Writing Club – Heading out on a long project can be hard, but it’s made easier with friends. If you’re serious about writing and want to get that novel done, join us and lighten the load. We explore all aspects of novel writing from character to climax and everything in between.

Rogue Poets Poetry Club – Explore what poetry can be, then take it past those limits. Join Em Williamson, on a journey to the outer edges of poetry. Rogue Poets regularly have the opportunity to perform on stage as a group or individually (optional). 

Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game Club – Enjoy fantasy? Want to live it? Then join us for this epic and wildly creative game called Dungeons and Dragons. Battle monsters, solve puzzles, find treasure and learn to work in a team while telling and experiencing your story together. 


Young Authors’ Club
When: Meets the first Tuesday of every month, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Location: The Grande Prairie Public Library
For ages 12 and up
Contact: For more information, contact Teresa at [email protected]
Sygnet’s Writers’ Group
When: Meets the first Tuesday of every month, from 7:30 to 8:45 pm
Location: The Grande Prairie Public Library
Contact: For more information, contact Teresa at [email protected]