Horizons Writers Circle Public Reading

When: March 1st, 2022 at 6:00 PM.

You are invited to the Horizons Writers Circle public reading, presenting writers Gian Marco Visconti, Meghan Eacker, Diana Gaviria, Poushali Mitra, and Candice Joy Oliva.

We want to thank Horizons Writers Circle Mentors Uche Umezurike, Rayanne Haynes, Jumoke Verissimo, Jana Pruden, and Adriana Onita for sharing their talent with our cohort.

Special thanks go to Ellen Kartz, and the Edmonton Arts Council for their support, as well as our private donors.

Featured Readers

Gian Marco Visconti is a librarian, urbanist, and writer from Edmonton of mixed Arbëreshë and South Asian ancestry. He was awarded the Glass Buffalo English Poetry Prize in 2016 and longlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize in 2018. His writing has appeared in Glass Buffalo, The Polyglot, and Ismaili Canada Magazine.

Meghan Eaker (she/her) is a poet, registered nurse, and beading artist of mixed European and Cree ancestry. She is a member of the Woodland Cree First Nation in Treaty 8 territory and grew up near amiskwaciywaskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta). She will be starting a PhD program in Nursing in fall 2021, focusing on Indigenous youth mental health promotion.

Diana Gaviria is a second-generation settler of Colombian heritage who speaks fluent English, Spanglish and a little Portuñol! She writes primarily short fiction about attraction, identity, belonging and the many awesome, awkward ways cultures intersect. 

Poushali Mitra is a Certified Inclusion professional in Canada. She has 7 years of experience working in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policies in government, non-profit and private companies. She has a Masters in Journalism and Comparative Literature. A proud Jadavpur University Alumna, Poushali started her career as a journalist with The Indian Express, sharing stories of politics, city council legislative ideas and happenings. Her research work on biased coverage of British tabloids of India’s Independence has been published in investigative journalism school sites, such as The Hoot. Originally from Ranaghat, Poushali has worked in Bristol (UK) and South Africa. She currently lives and works in Edmonton and is passionate about sharing stories of early migration of South Asians in Edmonton. 

Candice Joy Oliva (she/her/siya) is a Pilipinx immigrant settler rewriting herself on Treaty 6 territory (colonially, Edmonton AB). She honours and celebrates her reclaiming of joy, in both name and life, through her poetry practice. Siya feels closer to home with every word, every shared poem.


The Horizons Writers Circle is supported by the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Arts Council

Horizons is also grateful for donations from Rona Altrows, in memory of Brian Brennan.

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