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Creator Video Series for I Value Canadian Stories

Below are links to the I Value Canadian Stories creator videos:

3 Questions with Christine Fischer Guy: Novelist and journalist Christine Fischer Guy shares the first story she ever wrote and also details how her earnings have been impacted by the 2012 Copyright Modernization Act. 

3 Questions with Diana Stevan: Diana discusses what she finds magical about being a writer, the things she loves most about being a writer and as well, illustrates how creators & publishers have paid the price for 2012 changes to the Copyright Act.

3 Questions with Susan Stromberg Stein: This one features Susan Stromberg Stein, who is an artist, sculptor and writer; among her many works is Osmosis, which is located on the grounds of Rideau Hall. Susan discusses the inspiration for her piece and has some choice words to share to whose who believe that the work of creators and publishers should be done for free.

3 Questions with Sky Gilbert: Sky Gilbert takes about how the Beatles factored into discovering that he wanted to become a writer, the joy he gets seeing the first copies of his latest book and is quite candid about how his royalties have dramatically declined as a result of the 2012 changes to the Copyright Act.

3 Questions with David Chariandy: Author David Chariandy has taken the literary world by storm. Recently, he won the Toronto Book Award for Brother (Penguin Random House Canada) and his latest work, I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You: A Letter to My Daughter (Penguin Random House Canada) has earned rave reviews. 

3 Questions with David Robertson: This week’s video featuring award-winning author David Robertson who shares how he balances his family, a day job and his work as a creator, as well as insights into how ensuring that creators are fairly paid for the use of their work in education is vital to achieve reconciliation.

3 Questions with Bill HorneThis one features BC artist Bill Horne. Bill discusses what he finds most satisfying about being an artist, as well as shares his thoughts on how 2012 changes to the Copyright Act have impacted his livelihood. 

3 Questions with Scott White: This week’s video features Scott White, a Toronto-based playwright and composer (those who are last November’s Canadian Copyright Institute conference will recognize him from the panel discussion that ended the event). 

3 Questions with Amy StuartOur next video, with best-selling author & educator Amy Stuart, is out today. She shares how she introduces her students to great Canadian literature and why it’s important. She also touches on the sacrifices she makes to be both a writer as well as a full-time teacher. 

3 Questions with Andrew Piper: In the first video, featuring Andrew Pyper, the best-selling novelist of such works as The Demonologist (Simon & Schuster) and The Damned (Simon & Schuster), Andrew shares some of the important moments in a writer’s journey. He also discusses how his royalties have declined following changes to the Copyright Act in 2012 and ends with a rather revealing fact about his workday. 

3 Questions with Jennifer Mook-Sang: The fifth creator video is now out and features children’s author, Jennifer Mook-Sang. Jennifer speaks about how reading to her own kids inspired her to become an author, talks about where she feels most inspired to write and what is the most satisfying thing about being a writer.

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