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We want to hear from you! 

We originally established a Facebook presence for the purpose of increasing public awareness of and to the writing community. For those of you who are current members of our Facebook group, or who attended our AGM on June 4th, you will be aware that several requests have been made to review the WGA’s Facebook group page and to explore ways that we might maximize its value and its purpose. This issue has arisen due to the amount of what have been labelled “spam” or “junk posts” to our current group page.

A few options to solve the problem have surfaced and, while we continue our own research, we want to hear from you!

Cast your vote on the following options:

1. Creation of second “closed” Facebook group page open only to WGA members for posting or comments.
2. Creation of an online chatroom accessible through the Members page on the WGA website.
3. Maintain existing page, but with stricter posting guidelines to limit number of promotional, blog, or advertising posts.
4. Keep the Facebook page as is. There is no need to change it.
5. Other ideas you might have that are not listed here.

Please let Ellen know which option you prefer and offer any further comments by July 24th at: [email protected].

Thank you!

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