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Canada Helps and the Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Your donation could go even further to help support Alberta authors and the WGA! Throughout the month of June, every $1 donated to a charity through Canada Helps is a chance for that charity to win a $20,000 donation (minimum $3 donation required). Which means every dollar you donate to the WGA during June is a chance to see your donation multiply!

The WGA recognizes the many other types of challenges writers are facing at this time—if you are not able to donate, we understand and ask you to share the information with readers who may be interested in supporting Alberta writers and writing.

If you would like to donate, you can do so here. Just a few possible Giving Challenges you could consider include:

Choose a Challenge:

  • The Coffee Challenge: For just the price of a cup of coffee, you could make a huge difference ($3 to $5).
  • The Toonie Team Challenge: Ask your friends and family to each chip in a toonie to help support Alberta authors through the WGA ($2 x the size of your team)
  • The We Wuv [sic] Webinars Challenge: The WGA has been hosting free webinars for members (a $20 value for non-members). Was there a particular webinar that you really loved? Consider donating the money you saved. ($20)
  • Power Up the Programming Challenge: From author talks to webinars & workshops, there has been more interest than ever in a range of WGA programs. Your donation can help give those programs a boost and help provide more of the events and programming that people have been asking for ($50+)

The grand prize draw takes place on Canada Day, July 1, 2020. Only donations made on or through the website will be entered for the prize draw.

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