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What Publishers Want (and Authors Need): A Workshop with Literary Agent Sam Hiyate

When: Sunday August 12, 10:30 – 4:30
Where: Percy Page Centre (11759 Groat Rd), Edmonton
Cost: $189.00 (regular) $149 (WGA and CAA)
Today’s literary marketplace remains a mystery to up-and-coming writers. Often they ask themselves, what do I do next? How do I write a query letter that will stand out? What are editors really looking for? Most importantly, how do I know that my work is ready to be submitted?
Agent Sam Hiyate will examine the publishing world in Canada, the U.S. and international markets in this one-day workshop. What are the market’s needs, wants, trends and ‘must haves’?
How can you as a writer target your submission to get the attention of an editor or agent? What are the best ways to improve your chances of getting published? Sam will examine the reasons submissions get published, and top reasons most never make it out of the slush pile. Learn about the publishing world and its trends in this invaluable workshop aimed at helping you understand what the market wants.
Bring your query letter for your MS for discussion and critique!
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