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WGA Sociable

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

7:00 pm

The Kasbar

10444 – 82 Avenue (Downstairs at Yannis)

Free/WGA members, $5/non-members

Snacks provided, please purchase your own drink

What does a writer long to do after a mind- and soul-bending day of reading and writing, or wishing there had been reading and writing? The answer is to get together with other writers to raise a glass…

Welcome to the “Sociable,” an after-work gathering of new and experienced, young and matured writers engaged in the writing life.

As valued Edmonton writing community members, we invite you to come out and share your thoughts on what you are reading, what’s happening in your genre these days, what new thing you learned or applied to your craft recently.

Our hope is that the Sociable will provide a chance to share time and information, and to enrich and invigorate one another. Unwind and let fun prevail! A surprise reading may occur.

The evening will be hosted by Mike Gravel.

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