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WGA Presents: Young Writers’ Week, March 16-20


young writers logoThe Writers’ Guild of Alberta is thrilled to sponsor our first-ever Young Writers’ Week from March 16 to March 20! The week will be filled with blog posts, writing challenges and resources, and will be hosted on the Young Writers’ Hub on Facebook. This event is aimed at writers under thirty.

So, how’s it going to look? Tune in to our Facebook page to learn more about the young writers who will be blogging about their writing experiences and tips. We’ll have a new blog posted every day for the duration of the week and you can expect to be boggled by our writing challenges. The blogs will be paired with these challenges and we hope you’ll have a moment to tackle them! Let us know what you think about the blogs and the writing challenges in the comments or on our Facebook page.

But, that’s not all! A notable feature of the week will be our “Ask an Expert” Facebook event, held on Saturday, March 19, from noon to 4 pm. Get on Facebook to pose your questions directly to our experts on the event page! We’ve got a panel of 8 experts, spanning your favorite genres and ready to share their encyclopedic knowledge of the craft. They’re chatty types and we need you to distract them from a probable argument on the merits or shortcomings of The Handmaid’s Tale. No, seriously—they’re here to help you. Ask away!

Suppose you want to know who’ll be taking your pressing questions? Our knowledgeable and obliging experts are: Lee Kvern, Kimmy Beach, Wayne Arthurson, Marty Chan, Maureen Ulrich, Nick Thran, Colin Matty, and Charlotte Cranston.

Keeping up with our events is simple. Visit our Facebook event page (and leave some likes) for blogger and expert bios, links to our blogs and challenges, and more info about our “Ask an Expert” event. We can’t wait to hear all about your challenges, and we can’t wait to answer your questions. Comments or concerns? Drop us a line on Facebook.

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