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WGA Online Reading Series Podcasts

The WGA is happy to announce that audio recordings of last year’s Online Reading Series, sponsored by Read Alberta, and University of Alberta Press are now available to listen to as podcast episodes.

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New episodes from the 2021 Online Reading Series will be available every Wednesday and Friday.

Jan 19. Glenn Dixon: Bootleg Stardust

Jan 21. Joanne Morcom: Big Blue Sky

Jan 26. Adriana Davies: From Sojouners to Citizens: Alberta’s Italian History

Jan 28. Leif Gregersen: Alert and Oriented x3

Feb 2. N.L. Blandford: The Perilous Road to Her

Feb 4. Sophie Stocking: Walking Leonard

Feb 9. Charlotte Cameron: Love and Courage in Troubled Times

Feb 11. Karen Spafford-Fitz: Pickpocket

Feb 16. Neil Surkan: Unbecoming

Feb 18. Onyinye Odih: A Mother’s Love

Feb 23. Sharon Butala: This Strange Visible Air

Feb 25. Dan Martin: An Orphan’s Journey

Mar 2. Pamela Medland: Echo of Ash

Mar 4. Robert Proudfood: Come by Here, My Lord

Mar 9. Jennifer Bowering-Delisle: Deriving

Mar 11. Barb Howard: Happy Sands

Mar 16. Ali Bryan: The Hill

Mar 18. Beth Sanders: Nest City

Mar 23. Micheline Maylor: The Bad Wife

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