WGA Online Reading Series Podcasts

The WGA is happy to announce that audio recordings of last year’s Online Reading Series, sponsored by the Rozsa Foundation, are now available to listen to as podcast episodes.

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New episodes from the 2020 Online Reading Series will be available every Monday and Thursday.

Feb 8: Amy LeBlanc

Feb 11: Doreen Vanderstoop

Feb 15: Karen Pheasant-Neganigwane

Feb 18: Judith Clark

Feb 22: Lynn Gale

Feb 25: Doug VandenBrink

Mar 1: Dorothy Bentley

Mar 4: Bob Stallworthy

Mar 8: Paul Pearson

Mar 11: Katherine Koller

Mar 15: Kat Cameron

Mar 18: Cathie Bartlett

Mar 22: Annette Lapointe

Mar 25: Dolly Dennis

Mar 29: Alexis Kienlen

Apr 1: Dianne Palovcik

Apr 5: Nancy Bell

Apr 8: Carleen Marie

Apr 12: Katrina Rosen

Apr 15: Alison Clarke

Apr 19: Lori Hahnel

Apr 22: Joan Marie Galat

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