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Since 2020, the WGA has been asking WGA members to tell us about their books, and we have compiled those submissions into viewable posts on our website.

Below is a list of books published by WGA members in 2024, (organized alphabetically by author’s last name).

We encourage you to have a look at the incredible work WGA members have produced!

WGA members’ books published in previous years are also listed online at the following links:

New Submissions:

Have a 2024 publication you would like to let us know about? Submit your new book listing HERE.

WGA Member Books 2024


Bryan J. Fica

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autobiography, health, pyschology, travel

Book Description

“OCD: NOOO JOKE” is my new book available on Saturday, August 10th, my 67th birthday on Amazon.

It is my autobiography about me as a former Torontonian living in seven countries, moving 89 times with chronic/severe OCD for the past six decades.

To read a draft of my Introduction and Chapter 1, click on my book preview at

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