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Since 2020, the WGA has been asking WGA members to tell us about their books, and we have compiled those submissions into viewable posts on our website.

Below is a list of books published by WGA members in 2024, (organized alphabetically by author’s last name).

We encourage you to have a look at the incredible work WGA members have produced!

WGA members’ books published in previous years are also listed online at the following links:

New Submissions:

Have a 2024 publication you would like to let us know about? Submit your new book listing HERE.

WGA Member Books 2024

The Aztec Beta's Assassin

Emm E Goshald

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Fantasy Romance

Book Description

Two hundred years ago, his heart shattered when the pair of violet eyes he loved betrayed him. He learned to deal with the heartache and move on. Or so he thought.

Now everyone around him is finding their mates, and he’s struggling to keep the momories of those violet eyes from swallowing him whole. If he could just find his mate…

When Gonzalo comes face to face with his past one more time, he struggles to keep his heart from crumbling one more time. As he’s forced to work with the woman who broken his heart for the greater good, he’s forced to deal with everything he tried to leave behind in Sicily.

Kassie has many regrets. She also has a secret. When she’s sent on assigment to help the werewolves in America, she jumps at the chance to get answers. But when she comes face to face with the man she thought was dead, she’s determined to make things right and fight for another chance.

Fate grants her the wish. For the first time in centuries, she, a vampire, is mated to the love of her life.

Can she convince Gonzalo to accept her? Can they figure out what ails her and threatens to destroy her life and the lives of so many other werewolves and vampires?

Book Three of Their Aztec Wolves Series
Book 1 – His Hunted Aztec Luna
Book 2 – The Aztec God’s Redemption

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