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WGA Calgary Fall Kickoff Pub Night & Interview with Lynette Loeppky

Wednesday, September 23, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm,  The Rose & Crown Pub, 1503 4 Street SW, Calgary

Ah, the TRUTH. We want to tell the truth—so we write a whole book full of nothing but the TRUTH—but the book involves other people. Dang. Real people. And what if they’re offended? How do we write without offending or hurting people? Self-censorship is tempting. What are our ethical obligations to people when we write? How do we stay true to our stories?

Naomi K. Lewis will guide a conversation with author Lynette Loeppky about her tough-and-tender debut memoir. Cease tells the story of a young woman who has decided to leave an eight-year relationship. As Lyn begins to plan her exit, her partner Cecile (or Cec, hence Cease) suddenly falls ill. In a tumultuous drop towards a complicated end, the young woman is forced to become care-giver to the woman she had been planning to leave. Told with a frank and intimate voice, Cease offers an unsentimental look at the inner workings of a uniquely difficult relationship. This is a story about how we love and why we stay, especially in a time of crisis.

Lynette Loeppky was born and raised on the Manitoba prairie by Mennonite parents. After graduation from the University of Calgary with an Arts degree she discovered an aptitude for sales and launched into a corporate sales career. She has traveled extensively and lived for an extended time in Denmark but counts among her greatest adventures the eight year that she and her partner Cecile tended an Old MacDonald-style hobby farm in sounthern Alberta. Lynette now lives in Calgary with her dogs, Noddy and Charlie, who do an excellent job of getting her away from her computer and out into the elements on a daily basis. Cease is her first book.

PLEASE NOTE! Guests are invited to arrive anytime after 6pm to order dinner and socialize with friends. Formal program will begin at 7pm. FREE for WGA members; $5 cash at the door for non-members.

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