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WestWord Review Task Force 2016: Terms of Reference

General Purpose

The WestWord Review Task Force is being created to review all facets of WestWord, including content, frequency, design and layout, and distribution. WestWord comprises about 10% of our total expenses, costing on average more than $9000 per issue, which translates to $55-60,000 per year when delivered bi-monthly. WestWord is also considered one of our major member benefits.

Given the WGA’s financial picture and deficit situation, we have reduced issues from six to four this fiscal year in order to save costs, netting us a savings of roughly $18,000 in 2016/17. As part of its WestWord review, the task force will analyze the pros and cons of moving to online digital distribution only.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

The task force will be comprised of volunteers who will investigate alternatives for WestWord’s future delivery and composition and present findings in a report with recommendations to the Board of Directors. All decision-making authority rests with the Board. Key duties will include:

      • Provide input for WestWord review survey questions to be submitted to membership
      • Review membership’s survey results and use results to inform recommendations
      • Review the pros and cons of moving to online digital distribution only
      • Evaluate summary research of digital magazine builders and software to publish content online
      • Provide recommendations (if warranted) for a new template, editorial strategy and estimated budget
      • Suggest strategies and tactics for a WestWord transition plan, including communications with members

Click here to view the Revised Task Force Terms of Reference

Those interested, please contact Carol Holmes at [email protected].

Deadline: August 25, 2016


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