Make Your Mark, Make a Difference: A Kid's Guide to Standing Up for People, Animals, and the Planet

Joan Marie Galat

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Book Description

Take the first steps into activism with this comprehensive middle grade guide that empowers readers to choose and become knowledgeable in a cause they are most passionate to reform, and to create meaningful change through learning what’s already been accomplished—and what can still be done.

Getting involved can be an overwhelming prospect, but this guide provides readers with tools to become informed and effective activists with an accessible approach offering hope and perspective.

From Black Lives Matter and light pollution to climate change and healthcare equity for all, the book leads readers through an overview of issues, an essential human rights background, and stories of how other young activists tackle local, national, and international problems. Readers will discover a multitude of ways to build change and learn that every contribution matters.

ISBN13: 9781582708447 | Grades: 5 and up | Ages: 10 - 99

A hands-on, practical, wide-ranging, and information-packed handbook for budding activists. (source notes) (Nonfiction. 10-16)
– Kirkus Reviews

“Informative, upbeat, empowering—Joan Marie Galat has created an antidote to despair in this guide to creating a kinder planet. Readers, teachers, thinkers, and community-builders will use this book as a starting point to a life of joyful action for positive change. Beautifully designed with well-researched information and terrific examples of youth activism, Make Your Mark, Make a Difference should be a staple in classrooms and will be a life-changing gift to kids who care. Great book!”
—Deborah Ellis, peace activist and author of the Breadwinner series


Make Your Mark, Make a Difference has been named a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard selection.

Available ins soft and hardcover.