Epoch Collapse

Dan Martin


Book Description

Epoch Collapse (psychological Thriller). A good-natured teenager, Hartman Myers, murders a neighbourhood teenager during a mock game of war. Police conclude the killing was accidental. But Hartman is haunted by the terrifying realization that he is capable of cold-blooded murder and he cannot understand his lack of remorse. He begins having bizarre nightmare visits from his deceased victim. In college, he confides to his psychologist girlfriend that he is tormented with dreams that he doesn’t understand. Soon they realize that Myer’s mental state does not respond to traditional treatments. His girlfriend boldly decides to experiment with a little-understood strategy of hypnotic age regression. In session, she brings Meyers face to face with lives lived in the distant past. Together they uncover powerful relationships that beg resolution in Myer’s current earthly manifestation.


This is my sixth novel and I am only part-way completed the story. I am hoping to finish the book this year, but at this point, it is a work in progress.