Bryan James Fica

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Book Description:

The author’s "true--to--life" existence as he coped with his hourly, 24/7 war fighting his six decades of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder behaviour.

He takes a lighthearted - often comical - approach to this personally and socially crippling - and yet unexplained - illness. He gives the reader a realistic glimpse into the life of an OCD sufferer, through his own eyes and hands.

His chronic anxiety goes through living in seven countries, several multiple times, moving eighty-nine times and still trying to maintain family ties, friendships, and his financial planning career.

My “Dirty Bomb” of my mind has followed me around the world through dozens of countries. In airplanes, trains, and buses, in buildings and in nature, there was no environment that was untouched and “Super Clean” forever.

The global Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has made my six decades of OCD cleaning behaviour the new world norm.

I believe that the worst possible thing will happen to me if I don’t wash or take a shower. I really would be better off dead than live in a contaminated world.

I spent 678 days self-isolating myself when I lived in Incirlik, South Turkey.
I SURVIVED and so can you. Physical and social distancing was my lifestyle since the 1970s.
My two-and-a-half to four-hour showers were done in order to cope and to survive.

So, “Bust the Moose” and I’ll see you in the shower, two metres apart.

This book is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2024.