Gathering of Ghosts

Susan Joy Forest

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Book Description:


Unrest is in the land; war is brewing. Ghosts gather, lured by death.

Highborn magiel Rennika Falkyn cannot let herself be drawn into this war, this insidious politics between kings, this heedless exploitation by her sisters. She has created a life with her husband and children in order to hide her shameful past, and she vows to protect it with all her being.

But when Rennika's rebel sister Meg—deprived of her spell-casting ability—appears in search of help, Rennika fears for the safety of her secrets. Afraid of blackmail, she succumbs to Meg's plea to track down a mysterious child, and is drawn into a labyrinth of inky caverns and magically-induced glimpses of her future. A future where her husband's love for her is shaken by the revelation of who Rennika truly is; where Janat must choose between sobriety and the life of her child; and where Meg must come to grips with what it means to live a life as a magiel without magic.

Gathering of Ghosts completes the epic tale of three sisters and their continuing family saga of addictions, survival, revenge, and redemption in an empire where magic is enslaved. Is their family bond strong enough to overcome past deceit and betrayal? To stop a king obsessed with subjugating seven realms in his drive to vanquish his family's curse? And can Rennika overcome the stigma of her past crimes, and be redeemed at last, by love?