Sylvester, Cat P.I.: An Explosive Case

Lori M. Feldberg

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fiction, mystery, animal detective, cat, cat POV, feline, Female investigators

Book Description:

Sylvester is nearly rocked off his comfy chair by an office-splitting explosion. It doesn't take long for him and the girls at Montgomery Investigations to hustle down the street for a look. Sylvester is out front for a bird's-eye, er cat's-eye view of the fire and building collapse. The owner of the destroyed building shows up to hire them to discover who is blowing up or burning down his investments.

The Fire Department's sniffer dog fails to find the accelerant; a non-canine fails too. Sylvester follows a specially trained rat and discovers a recurring clue no one else recognizes. After all, to go where no one else dares, is just part of being a private investigator. He risks life and limb to bring out the proof needed to convict an arsonist. His 'people' wonder if he's a reincarnated detective.

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This is the second in the Sylvester and El Investigation series, preceded by Sylvester, Cat P.I.: First Case. Suitable for youth and older.