Dana Goldstein

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Middle Grade Fiction

Book Description:

Eleven-year-old Dax Masters loves hanging out with his friends, video games, and science. And he can’t seem to do anything right as far as his Dad is concerned.

Dax notices his dogs acting strange, earthquakes happening in unexpected places, and other weird ecological events. Using his foundation in science, and help from his friends, Avery and Kayla, he comes up with a theory for the school science fair that earns him a spot at the prestigious annual Innovative Science Convention. But his Dad thinks he is going to embarrass himself, and doesn’t want him to go. Dax needs to prove to his Dad that his science is sound and the planet is in jeopardy. If Dax is right, he will have to convince the judges and scientists at the convention they have missed something important happening with the planet. Will his theory about a big shift make him a laughing stock or a hero?