Knight Blind

Alice Bienia


Fiction, Mystery

Book Description:

After surviving a brutal attack by a deranged fellow employee, Jorja Knight is starting life over as a private investigator. Her first big challenge—shed expectations that things will turn out badly—or fatally. Her second challenge—find Johnnie Gorwitz.
Zosia Gorwitz escaped the horrors of WWII but not the guilt that comes with harboring a family secret. When new information surfaces that a nephew may have also survived, she hires Jorja, who is haunted by her own family secrets, to track him down. Jorja finds someone who seems to fit the bill, but something’s wrong.
Johnnie Gorwitz’s street buddies claim he’s gone missing, along with other of their pals. They know more but are afraid to talk. When another of their buddies goes missing, and a man who knew Johnnie turns up dead, Jorja knows she’s backed into something deeper and deadlier than she ever imagined. Now someone wants her and her street informants dead.

Virtual Book launch with Owl's Nest Books on October 21, 2020

Knight Blind was a 2016 Arthur Ellis Award finalist for Best Unpublished Crime Novel.

The protagonist, Jorja Knight, lives in Calgary and the story takes place in Alberta.