Under the Ombu Tree

Bonny Beswick


Historical Romance

Book Description:

Under the Ombu Tree is the first novel for Calgary author Bonny Beswick.

Scottish Lord William Wroddesley and his young wife, Lady Mary Alexander Wroddesley deliver three of their prized Angus cattle to wealthy Argentine estancia owner, Carlos Guerrero.

Lady Mary was born a commoner, daughter to the herdsman of the Ballindalloch Estate in Scotland. She became the wife of the Lord, but the marriage did not bring the expected feelings of security and happiness.

Once in Argentina, she encounters both tragedy and betrayal. When she feels abandoned by her husband, she finds kind and welcoming people who show her that family is more than sharing common bloodlines. She learns a new language and culture, and finds a man she might love.

Is it worth giving up a child, a castle, and the heritage of her past? Set in 1879, Argentina enjoys population and economic growth. The import of European beef breeds, adoption of barbed wire fencing, and spread of the telegraph and railroad across the country mean estancias have opportunities to expand. Lady Mary must choose whether to be part of this growth, or to return to her homeland and son