Blood, Lust, and Liberty

Casey Fox


Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

Things have gotten really weird in my life lately. My best friend was kidnapped by werewolves last night, which was super strange, but then a vampire kidnapped me! Now I’m holed up in their lair while they suck me dry and feed me pizza to recuperate.

Like I said, it’s weird.

But these vampires are kind of hot. Really hot. And one of them, David, is kind of… dreamy as well? Like the kind of dreamy you might want to spend forever with.

But I can’t focus on that. I have to save my friend and I need the help of the vampires and the fae (yep, they’re real too. Believe me, I’m as overwhelmed as you are.) to do it. Only David tells me the fae can’t be trusted. And he would know: one of them is his ex-girlfriend. And she hates me.

Oh, and there’s a portal to a demon world and a war between paranormal factions that could put all of humanity at risk.

Yay me.