Beginnings at the End of the Road

Graeme Connell


General fiction

Book Description:

An unexpected gift of startling proportions blows a master baker’s life apart. He must move out of his sheltered existence to heed the call this gift has placed on him. His courageous action as a polio-stricken preteen to save a man from drowning expands in adult life to ease a disparate group of characters to overcome their setbacks. This warm-hearted tale is all because of a vintage bicycle. "Beginnings at the End of the Road” tells of Brandon Silverberry conquering his many physical challenges - to say nothing of the bullies he encountered – as a teenager that lead to his enterprising new beginning. Despite the continued presence of the poliovirus, this novel talks about the man and the people who join him to find a true sense of belonging. Through this narrative, the author promotes that polio is not a forgotten disease as it continues to be a threat in many parts of the world. The threads of life in the fictional Village of Outside lie in discovering an ability to overcome the complexities of life with renewed confidence and consciousness to others.

This is the author's third novel. Earlier titles are Uncharted (2016), Finding Dermot (2014) and the non-fiction memoir Tide Cracks and Sastrugi (2011) adventures in Antarctica 1968-69.