Give Us Somewhere To Stand

Sharon A Butala


Fiction - Novel

Book Description:

The severe concussion on the day of her retirement as a child protection social worker, seems to Judith to be The Great Catastrophe that she has been expecting to strike since she ran away from her subsistence, overly religious farm home at 15 and never went back. Not even for her parents' funerals. Or did she? What happened to her parents? She can't remember, not even her four grown daughters (especially not Lucinda) products of her two marriages, can tell her, nor will the sister and brother she hasn't seen in fifty years be much help. And why not? And what has WWII to do with any of this? Or murder? Instead of catastrophe, though, eventually what Judith finds is an awakening from a life that often seems to her - except for her daughters each of whom has her own story - to be one long, bad dream. Life turns out to be life, after all, and sometimes when you wake up to it, good things happen.

Can't think of anything.