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TWUC Parliamentary Petition – Help Spread the Word

We want to invite you to sign an important Parliamentary petition that The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC) has launched, and we strongly support.

For over a decade now, Canadian creators and publishers have not been paid for the copying of their works by Canada’s education sector outside of Quebec.

Ten years is an impossibly long time to wait to be paid. The sector can’t afford to wait any longer.

TWUC’s petition calls on the federal government to act on its commitment to support creators and implement fixes to Canada’s Copyright Act to restore the marketplace for educational works.

Quickly after its launch, the petition smashed through the 500-signature mark needed to ensure it will be certified and presented to the government, who will be obligated to table a response.

It’s now important that as many Canadians as possible sign the petition so that the government will be unable to ignore the clear call for urgent action to support Canada’s writing, visual artist and publishing sectors.

Here’s how you can take part

  1. If you only do one thing, sign TWUC’s petition.
  1. Reach out to at least five others in your orbit individually and encourage them to sign as well.
  1. Spread the word! Download this image to share on social media that you’ve signed and encourage others to do so.

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Here are a few sample messages you can use:

  • Creators like me have waited over 10 years to be paid for the copying of our works. That’s why I support this petition and hope you’ll join me in signing. 
  • Creators like me are at the breaking point. We need to be paid for the educational use of our works. That’s why I signed this petition. I hope you’ll sign too. 
  • For over 10 years, Canadian creators haven’t been paid for the educational use of their works. It’s time to fix this. Please sign this petition. 

Be sure to tag Prime Minister TrudeauCanadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez & Innovation, Science and Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne, and also add the hashtags #IValueCdnStories#creatorscallingonottawa and #cdnpoli.

  1. If you haven’t already, please consider taking part in Access Copyright’s Creators Calling on Ottawa campaign to reinforce the urgency for the federal government to take action. Click here to learn how you can participate.

The need for a legislative solution has never been more dire. The federal government has committed to supporting creators and it knows what it needs to do to fulfil this pledge. Our collective efforts will bolster the message that it is time for them to take action.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  1. TWUC’s petition, by virtue of being initiated through the Parliament of Canada, is only open to Canadian citizens or residents of Canada to sign.
  2. Some personal information needs to be provided and before signing, one must accept Parliament’s Terms of Use governing electronic petitions.
  3. None of the personal information provided when signing will be published on the petition site. After the Government of Canada has tabled its response to the petition, all personal information provided by signatories will be destroyed by the House of Commons.
  4. Prior to your signature being recorded, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your support. Please follow the prompts in the message. You may need to check your junk mail to retrieve the email.
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