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This holiday season, let’s celebrate the spirit of giving by supporting the W.O. Mitchell Scholarship! Your contribution can make a lasting impact on aspiring writers, helping them find their voices and follow their creative journeys. W.O. Mitchell was a renowned Canadian writer and instructor dedicated to nurturing new writers. You may know him by his iconic Jake and the Kid radio stories on CBC radio.

You can donate on our website here. Let’s come together and honour W.O. Mitchell’s legacy of nurturing new writers and fostering a love for regional storytelling. 

Every donation to the W.O. Mitchell Scholarship is a step towards preserving the rich literary landscape of Canada and supporting the next generation of storytellers. Join us in making a difference and ensuring that W.O. Mitchell’s passion for mentorship lives on! 

Let’s spread the joy of creativity and literary exploration this holiday season!

Spread the word and let’s make this holiday season extra special for the W.O. Mitchell Scholarship and the talented writers it supports. Together, we can continue the legacy of W.O. Mitchell and inspire a new generation of literary voices!

Psst… Also, you will get a charitable donation receipt!

You can learn more about the W.O Mitchell Scholarship, as well as other sponsorship opportunities, here.

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