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Performance Tips offered by Erin Dingle


  1. Don’t hit your rhymes, let them roll
  2. Silences are part of your poem/reading
  3. Allow your audience time to catch up with you mentally by providing spaces and silence
  4. Write in the words “pause” and “stop” into your work and highlight these two words to remind yourself when to pause and when to stop
  5. Identify the important words. Bold them on the page so you can highlight them with your voice
  6. Don’t read with only one emotion. No one wants ‘angry’ for 3 minutes. Your poem/piece of writing should be an emotional journey
  7. Practice for performance and practice again. The practice some more and again.
  8. Pick three spots in the audience and look over the heads of the people sitting/standing there
  9. Write your piece like it is a dialogue. Audience and silence are the other participants in this dialogue.
  10. Your feet are roots to the ground, square off, don’t let your arms fly as this spills the energy from your core.
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