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Literary/AI Workshop – Call for Expressions of Interest

In collaboration with Margaret Lam (,, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta is developing a hands-on workshop to help writers explore the inner-workings of artificial intelligence, and its implications on how we read and write in a digital context. Designed to be held over a 3-month period, 6 participating writers will engage in workshops on artificial intelligence and human-centered design practices, and work with peers to re-imagine the reader’s experience of literary text in a digital context.

As part of the grant application we are preparing to fund this workshop, we are looking for writers with a strong curiosity about emerging technologies and their implications on the literary practice, who are also interested in taking part. The participating writers will serve as designers and researchers, and take away a deeper appreciation of not only the impact of AI on writers and readers, but also the role of artists could play in designing the technologies that ultimately shape our digital society.

Participation in this workshop will be subsidized by the grant. To apply, please fill out the form below.

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