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Let’s Get Lit Poetry Podcast Series

Episode 7: Titilope Sonuga

Rayanne Haines and Matthew Stepanic talk with Titilope Sonuga, author of THIS IS HOW WE DISAPPEAR (Write Bloody North, 2019). As we sip Lambrusco by Monte delle Vigne (a sparkling red as charming as our feature poet) paired with Titilope’s poetry, we discuss new motherhood, musical collaborations, and the power of forgiveness in processing personal and political grief.

Episode 6: Iman Mersal

Rayanne Haines and Matthew Stepanic talk with Iman Mersal, author of HOW TO MEND: MOTHERHOOD AND ITS GHOSTS (Sternberg Press, 2018). As we sip Callas by Monte delle Vigne (a citrus-y & fresh white) paired with Iman’s writing, we discuss dreams, what’s lost in translation, and how writing can help us seek reconciliation with our past.

Episode 5: Kelly Shepherd
Rayanne Haines and Matthew Stepanic talk with Kelly Shepherd, author of INSOMNIA BIRD (Thistledown Press, 2018). As they sip a Cabernet Franc paired with Kelly’s poetry, they discuss the ever-watching magpie, a fire drill during a polar vortex, and our social responsibilities as citizens.
Episode 4: Mary Pinkoski

Rayanne Haines and Matthew Stepanic talk with Mary Pinkoski, Edmonton’s fifth Poet Laureate and the 2019 Metro Federation Regional Writer in Residence. As they sip the Glenora Breakfast Blend tea from Acquired Taste Tea Company paired with Mary’s own bold poetry, they discuss oddly inspiring motivational posters, the value of museums, and the power of the spoken word.

Episode 3: Anna Marie Sewell

The WGA presents the Let’s Get Lit podcast with guest Anna Marie Sewell.

Episode 2: Jenna Butler

The second Let’s Get Lit Poetry Podcast is now out! In the second episode, Rayanne Haines and Matthew Stepanic talk with Jenna Butler, author of the prose-poetry travelogue, MAGNETIC NORTH (University of Alberta Press, 2018). As we enjoy a Pinot Noir (and a Rosé!) paired with her book, we discuss sea voyages to Svalbard, the character of darkness, and the looming threat of climate change.

Episode 1: Lisa Martin

The Writers’ Guild of Alberta is happy to present Let’s Get Lit: A Drunk Poetry Podcast. Edmonton poets Rayanne Haines and Matthew Stepanic talk with guest poet Lisa Martin about her poetry and wine pairing. Lisa’s latest book is Believing is Not the Same as Being Saved. Published by University of Alberta Press. It was shortlisted for the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry as well as the 2018 Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize.

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