FAQ: 2021 Conference Registration

What does my conference registration include?


The conference registration covers all regular conference sessions on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Anthony Doerr keynote event on Friday evening.

Recordings of all regular sessions are available to watch up to June 12th.

The Saturday workshop with Anthony Doerr is not included in this package; please refer to the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society website to register for that workshop.

Registrants can also enter their names in a draw for a virtual meet up event with Eden Robinson.

Limited spots are available for pre-conference Blue Pencil Cafe sessions, which is included in the registration price. Registrants can have a writing sample critiqued by one of five authors. First come, first serve


Will I be able to watch Anthony Doerr's sessions after the conference?

Only his Friday night session will be recorded and available after the conference.

I am a big fan of Eden Robinson. Can I attender her Meet and Greet session?

We are big fans too! Only those who have entered the draw and won will be allowed to join her session.

I am a big fan of Souvankham Thammavongsa and would like to attend her Meet and Greet session.

Join the club! Souvankham’s Meet & Greet is by invitation only for sponsors.

I don't have a desktop computer. Can I still attend the sessions?

You may access the sessions by downloading Zoom onto a laptop, tablet, or smartphone—or a desktop computer.

I cannot log into the conference session

Ensure that you have updated your internet browser and that you have downloaded the free Zoom U.S. App onto your device. First log into your Zoom account, then click on the session link to join.

Do I have to have my camera and/or microphone on to participate in the sessions?

No. You may just listen and/or watch. In fact, it is best to have these off while the speaker is presenting. In some sessions, the presenter will welcome questions during which time you may participate by using the “Q&A” or “chat” feature.

Will I have a chance to meet other writers and presenters during the conference?

Yes. You will want to take advantage of the Connection Café sessions where you should leave your camera on, and use your microphone to converse with others. Also, some session hosts will invite you to turn on your camera and microphone to interact.

What is the Discord app for?

The Discord App is useful for information on writing topics, as there are no video or audio features: it operates like a message board or email account with streams of conversations.