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Creative Muse Celine (week one) song, poetry, photography…

Hello wordlovers & wordsmiths,
My name is Celine (or Céline if you like sophisticated-looking accents) and I am only a little semi quasi ecstatic about Wordsworth this summer. Look how excited I am:
And that’s pre-coffee.
I love poetry with every fibre in my tiny 5″2 body (I bet many of you will be taller than me) and write lots of different kinds, including song lyrics and spoken word. I’ve performed at a few open mic events as well as LYC, a Christian conference held at Ambrose. Oh man, spoken word! If you don’t love it yet, you haven’t encountered the right kind. Allow me to introduce you to some of my absolute favourites: Anis MojganiSarah KayAndrea GibsonJoshua Bennett, and Alysia Harris. Go you-tube crazy with these, you won’t regret it. Those cat videos can wait.
 When I’m not writing, I’m studying English (natch) at the University of Calgary, plus Creative Writing and the Visual Arts. I lead a Creative Writing Circle (our unofficial name is the Live Poets Society) downtown with some street poets where we talk, philosophize, share writing, and quote Leonard Cohen. I kinda dig design too and can get overwhelmingly dorky in my enthusiasm about typography. Also, I like to take photos and blog over here sometimes.
 Did I mention I like music too? You can check out a Christmas E.P. I did with my friend Evan over here! (There’s still snow on the ground, so that’s allowed, right?)
 This is my first time at Wordsworth and I’m pretty stoked. I have heard so much about your boundless energy and creativity. So. I’ll be wearing the expression in the photo above until July. We’ll share joie de vivre, stories, and marshmallows. What could be better?
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