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Copyright and Fair Dealing, Update

The education sector’s overly broad interpretation of the education “fair dealing” exception passed into law in 2012 has impacted the livelihood of Canadian writers, visual artists and publishers.

Many in the education sector have used this new exception to stop paying royalties for the copying of published works. The result has been stark: a $30-million loss in licensing income to writers, visual artists and publishers according to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) study commissioned by Access Copyright.

If nothing is done to solve this issue, it could mean that current reductions in the secondary income for the copying of your works will become permanent. It could also mean the end of Canadian content in Canadian schools for Canadian students.

How you can help

With a new federal government in Ottawa, there is a strategic opportunity to inform Liberal MPs of what has happened to the Canadian writing and publishing sector as a result of the actions of the education sector and to call for a solution.

Please write to your local MP if he/she is a Liberal (use this tool to find your local MP) in the next few days by email about this issue.

A sample letter can be found here. You are encouraged to customize the letter as much as possible. The more your personal voice comes through, the more impact it will have. Your letter will make a difference.

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