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Controversy @ Noon: Saying No to AI

Wednesday, June 26
12 – 1 PM MDT, Online

Folks in the writing world continue to talk about AI and how they are using – or not using – it as a tool, a test, or even a novelty party trick. The writing seems to be on the wall when it comes to the inevitability of AI and its use in everyday life, but have writers and readers had their say about how AI creates new works of art? Some groups of writers are speaking out against the use of their writing to train Large Language Models (LLMs) without recognition and compensation, but is that enough? Are writers and consumers of literature willing to say they are not interested in purchasing new stories and books that are written entirely by AI? Is there a strong enough case for Human Intelligence and Human Creativity or is there just no stopping technology?

Join us for a spirited discussion of what we value as writers and as humans and the ways in which we can fight back.

Panel includes: Alison McBain, Christine Taylor, Matthew Stepanic, and Travis Croken.

Please pre-register for the panel here.

About The Panelists

Matthew Stepanic – Moderator

Matthew Stepanic (he/she/they) is a queer writer who lives and works on Treaty 6 territory in Edmonton. He edits and designs chapbooks for the recently launched Agatha Press. He is a co-author of Project Compass (Monto Books, 2017) and the author of Relying on that Body (Glass Buffalo, 2018). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Queer Little Nightmares (Arsenal Pulp, 2022), Plenitude, FreeFall, and others.

Social handles on Twitter & Instagram are: @mlstepanic

Alison McBain- Panelist

Alison McBain’s novels are the recipients of over 13 awards, including the Foreword INDIES. When not writing for herself, she’s a ghostwriter who has penned over two dozen books for clients, as well as an award-winning editor who has worked with both celebrity and NY Times-bestselling authors. She’s currently pursuing a project called “Author Versus AI,” where she’s writing a book a week over the course of a year, using NO AI at all (52 books total). When not writing, Ms. McBain is associate editor for the magazine ScribesMICRO and draws all over the walls of her house with the enthusiastic help of her kids. She lives near Edmonton in Alberta.

Author Versus AI website
Author website

Christine Taylor – Panelist

Christine Tsai Taylor is a writer, storytelling consultant, and diversity specialist. The biracial daughter of a Taiwanese mother and American father, Christine grew up in the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland. She moved to Edmonton in July 2021 after seventeen years in The Netherlands. Her Substack newsletter is Wanderings.

Travis Croken – Panelist

Travis J. Croken lives in Ottawa, Canada and writes in a variety of genres. He is the National Co-Chair of the Canadian Authors Association, a member of the Ottawa Independent Writers, and Society for Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. Croken hosts several writing programs including the Writer’s Chat, Scribe’s Journey Podcast, and After the… literary talk show. He owns Wax Seal Productions where he designs literary cocktails and helps authors reach their goals through coaching, editing, and other supports.


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