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Canada Council Grant Applications Update

The Canada Council New Funding Model (NFM) is in place. The activities Council funded in the past are still eligible in the New Funding Model (NFM). However the manner in which people apply has changed. First, any artist or organization that wishes to apply to Council will need to open an account in the Canada Council portal and create a profile. This is recommended to be be done a minimum of 30 days in advance of applying. Writers will apply predominantly in the program, Explore and Create, and perhaps Arts Abroad for international activities. In Explore and Create, writers can apply for professional development (for activities such as mentorships, internships, apprenticeships, specialized training, workshops…), as well as research and creation projects. Within the Research and Creation component, writers can apply for expenses related to writing a book (subsistence, travel, research costs) as well as project development expenses including residencies.

If you have not already done so, you must register in the portal at least 30 days before you want to apply.

Check program component paged to access updated guidelines, forms. budget tools, and more. Application received by 30 April 2017 will receive results by July 2017.

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