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Interested in helping shape the future of the WGA? Please consider joining the Equity Task Force!

The WGA is setting up a volunteer task force to explore and make recommendations on equity with regard to WGA programs, policies, and operational procedures. The four to six member task force will take part in two telephone meetings, one in November and one in January, and a full day meeting in February. The group’s purpose will be to analyze options and develop a set of recommendations to take to the WGA Board. 

Please see our Terms of Reference (below) for full details. For more information, or to put your name forward for consideration, contact the WGA at [email protected] or by phone at 780-422-8214 or 1 800-665-5354.

In your application please include where you are located in the province and a short note indicating why you are interested in being part of the task force.  

The deadline for receipt of applications is October 30.  

Unable to commit to the Task Force, but still want to provide input? A survey will be sent to all WGA members in December of January. We’d love to hear your views and suggestions!  




The Writers’ Guild of Alberta (WGA) recognizes that various historic and structural inequities, due to discrimination based on race, ethnicity, cultural or linguistic background, class, economic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and/or disability, have created barriers to access and that equity measures are required to promote full participation in the WGA.

Equity is directed by a goal of the WGA’s current strategic plan to expand its membership to serve a larger, more diverse, and inclusive membership that reflects Alberta’s makeup.

At the 2017 WGA AGM, a motion was made for the Board to strike a task force on equity to advise and make recommendation to the WGA.

Definition and Goals

“Equity” is a value and practice that works towards creating equal outcomes for all people to fully participate in society. It recognizes that not all individuals have the same access to resource and opportunities. Equity works to remove systemic barriers and provide appropriate supports to accommodate diversity and promote inclusion. The goal is equal access and success for all.

“Diversity” is commonly used to denote a multiplicity of views, expressions, characteristics, experiences, abilities, cultures, sexual orientations and origins, etc. Diversity provides the context of co-existence of varieties within the whole and furthers the notions of interconnectedness, exchange and sustainable human development.

Equity and diversity are interconnected and interdependent concepts.  Equity is a principle and process which promotes diversity.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

The task force will be comprised of a group of volunteers who will investigate equity as currently promoted by the WGA and present findings in a report with recommendations to the Board of Directors. All decision-making authority rests with the Board. Key duties will include:

  • Review current WGA equity strategies and policies.
  • Review the methods and policies of how other similar organization address diversity
  • Provide input for equity survey questions to be submitted to membership
  • Review membership’s survey results and use results to inform recommendations
  • Advise and make recommendations on programs, policies, and operational procedures where equity and diversity is lacking in the WGA.
  • Prepare final report with recommendations for the Board

Composition and Appointments

Chair: Alison Clarke 

Members: 4 to 6 WGA members who have an interest in exploring equity and are able to commit to timelines between November, 2017  and  February 2018. While no remuneration will be paid to volunteers, out-of-pocket expenses will be covered. The Board of Directors will strive to ensure a diverse group of members compose the task force.

Ex-officio Members: Board President and Executive Director

Meetings: The Task Force will hold at least two telephone meetings in November and January and one full day in-person meeting at a date and location to be agreed upon by Task Force members. Additional telephone meetings will be determined by the Chair. The Task Force will be disbanded in March 2018.

Financial:  Budget will be allocated for expenses related to the full-day meeting including venue, lunch, refreshments, and mileage reimbursement, if necessary, for travel costs to the all-day meeting.

Staff:  Staff persons will be assigned by the Executive Director to support the activities of the Task Force including preliminary research, recruitment of Task Force members, communications to members, distribution of the survey and compilation of the survey results.

Reporting: The Chair will report Task Force progress at regular Board meetings in 2017 and 18. The Chair will present the Task Force’s final report with recommendations at the March 2018  board meeting. 

Download a PDF of the Terms of Reference here

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